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@Gasero:  I don't think it ever really jumped the shark, actually. In hindsight, it made sense for the show. I DID want there to be more to his death though.
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First, Bleach has definitely jump'd the shark!!! I'm thru with this whole Aizen thing. 

Second, Naruto to a lesser extent, particularly in reference to Sasuke.

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@hitsusatsu11 said:
"@Tom_Pinchuk said:                          
L’s untimely demise in DEATH NOTE was a bit hard to swallow. It definitely changed the whole dynamic of the show after that point, which is really what “jumping the shark” is an issue of. 
Yes exactly. Near and Mello were poor substitutes.  This is the clearest example of jumping the shark since Fonzi literally jumped the shark. "

Hardly... there is a point to all this and it was planed before the start of the manga it's not jumping the shark... very few anime/manga can do that because most have a clear end in the mind of the manga artist... and most anime come from manga source.
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@Naruto79: you are so totally right about bleach.....there has to be either something else that can happen or a solid ending.
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You can only jump shark if the show has no intention of ending. The show had a finite amount of episodes to tell the story with some filler here and there but a lot of the "jumping the shark" sentiments seem to stem more from L's death and how everyone like that character rather than how it affected the story. The kids were future Ls, though hokey but it was meant to fill you in more on the mysterious L's background. I love the fact L'd died and it was the 1st time in a VERY long time in movies, tv or anime where I was genuinely surprised and really didn't see it coming.
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@Supermutant2099: As a manly man I can say Sailor Moon lost it more and more after the R series, apart from the enemy designs and the surreal location art being killer through out. After a open ending to series 1 that opened up more questions than it left, then series 2 resolved all of that, it's just like "what else is there?". It turned frequently to "lets save people we care about in battles we always win!" x200, making all of potentially what was left of Sailor Moon into retarded hormonal crap for people on periods -- If it were not that as it stood in the first place
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I will defend the Sailor Moon franchise in one way, you have to watch an entire season as if it were 1 plot/movie (yes that can be annoying and repetitive), then it makes more sense, and the progression of how Usagi grows up through them all makes dredging the older seasons out bearable for me. I liked the Sailor Stars season, it seemed to showcase how much Usagi had grown, on top of making a big enough evil they couldn't make another series.
Bleach needed to stop after they saved Rukia. Deathnote got too boring for me even before L died, it was all discussion and chess-like moves, and no action. The new Negima completely jumped the shark for me (as in way too much to be believable in context.) It was way too campy. 
I will say one show that never felt it had a jump the shark moment for me was Inuyasha. They set up the premise well, so that even the movies added a bit to the story. (Yes, not much but they weren't completely out of context.)
It just seems that as someone said before, if the writers have the plot already in mind it really does show. And filler episodes are truly that, filler to make the season quota.
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I think... "Someone is sleeping on the job".
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I'm finally getting around to responding to my own question.  I didn't really have an answer until today so I kept quiet.  I haven't seen Death Note yet, and I'd already cited NGE in my initial post when the call for questions went out.  However, today I finished My HiME and that's one that I do believe fits the bill.   Why?... [POTENTIAL SPOILER AHEAD]

About two-thirds into the series, something occurs which switches everything up.  While that is not inherently bad most of the time, in this particular production, 90% of the stuff that follows makes no sense and feels forced.  Many of the actions and "revelations" revealed over the next 10 or 11 episodes had me scratching my head and trying to figure out the connection of events that lead to whatever was occurring in the storyline.  By the end, I wasn't sure why anyone was doing what they were doing and I'd lost most of my reasons for caring.  In the shows defense, it did ultimately wrap up on a positive even if that felt hollow and predictable.  If you watch the show up to 15 (I think) you'll be more satisfied with the "by the numbers" plot up to then than with the mess that follows to the end. 
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Maybe I loved the original too much and was really unobservant  while watching, but I felt Gankousouo: The Count of Monte Cristo jumped the shark. The story at the end becomes messy and just kinda strange...
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Of the ones I've seen that people have mentioned, Code Geass and Death Note are the only ones that really jumped the shark for me.  Death Note was even more apparent after seeing the two live action movies.  Most of the other ones, like FMA, I could at least see where it was going and could keep watching without a hitch.   
Might not be the most popular anime, but Hikaru No Go definitely did it after Sai disappeared.  It managed to pull together for the last 4 episodes or so, but the 15 or so before then almost made me stop watching it.
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For me, the majority of the anime cross the shark when the percentage of filler become too high : Naruto, it's one of the prime example, for me. But DBZ come verrrry close to it and jumped it wholeheartly when it became DBGT. 
Aaaand Gundam Seed destiny when Lacus and Kira just knocked off the main character and reduced it to a lobotomized pawn to the villain, it was just... lame, to say it last. 
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I thought the story of Death Note reached its climax when L died. Although I found the show more exciting with L alive, I think the writers did a good job of keeping his personality of "brilliant detective" alive in Near, whose victory over Light was only accentuated if one considers his triumph to be L's revenge through his successor. Overall L's death made for a very interesting series. 
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Death Note jumped the shark before L died in my opinion.

DBZ jumped the shark when Buu did what I believe is called the "Dimensional Scream."

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I actually did lose interest in Death Note after L died, because it seemed like both Near and Mello were too smart for Light and I missed the relationship between L and Light, even though they were enemies.

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