Rumor Alert: Death Note Movie Script Leaked?

Topic started by gia on Oct. 7, 2009. Last post by gwern 2 years, 2 months ago.
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Understand that I do see where you are coming from. I say this, because I'm getting the impression that my tone might be coming across as rude rather then the respectful tone I intend. Tone doesn't translate well via text.
The name Light is hardly a common Japanese name either. Far as I know, not a single Japanese person has ever had that name. Though you never know what some otaku's will do. I read a story recently where a guy on Facebook is planning to name his child literally "Batman". I could see an American audience accept the name Light for a movie. That reminded me of a story about this couple that were only speaking Klingon in front of their new born child so he would grow up with that as his basic language. I heard a Judge stepped into the middle of that.
You still get symbolism naming the character after a biblical figure. Not as heavy handed, I agree. As a writer you are expecting people to believe writing a name in a book could somehow take a life.  Light isn't that much further.
As someone who read Death Note and enjoyed the anime (side note: that was one of the very few times I think I enjoyed the dub more then the original Japanese dialog). I hear this kind of story and it has L, but not Light. I get it into my head that this is just a simple Kira wannabe. Such as the one Near dealt with in that final Death Note book. The guy that was killing the sick, but took his own life.
I think you really miss some of the layer trying to turn this series into a movie. One of the most interesting aspects of the story was that both L and Light knew who each other were. L lacked the proof he needed and Light lacked L's real name. It was very much a batle of wills as they danced around each other as if they were friends. All the time testing and prodding each other. I loved that moment where Light thought he had won when Misa saw L's real name and tried to call her, but L had lifted her phone.
Without that tension it's just another suspense drama of a detective trying to stop a serial killer, but with a supernatural twist.
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@FoxxFireArt: I'm aware that as an adaptation of Death Note, the movie screenplay misses the mark by a lot. But seeing it on its own merits from the script, the movie at least has depth as to what drives the Light character and even if done countless times, the premise of letting power get to your head costs you dearly is handled in a way that makes it something a bit different from the norm. The major characters at least have smarts and morality they stick with. The character with the unnatural power has a brain that he makes good use of, and isn't just some average-minded or crazy serial killer. If this really is an authentic script, I'd at least be willing to give the movie a shot not as a fan of the original anime series, but as a movie viewer finding something different from the usual blockbuster churn-outs or duds that Hollywood is pumping out provided most of this draft to the movie is kept intact in the final version.
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@FoxxFireArt: Don't mind me at all; I just like to argue ;) That said-- Light would be a "weird" name in Japan, but not in the same way. It means something, but in a foreign language; as such it isn't a word that gets used in every-day speech there like it is here, so its weirdness is different. Additionally, the way it sounds in Japanese-- raito --is not so terribly different from, say, Sato, which is a common (last) name.
That people die when their name is written in a book is the expected suspension of disbelief that any movie attendee would buy into-- they expect that much. But buying into someone being named Light would be akin to someone in Japan buying into a name like, say, "Kuruma" (car). Sans any explanation for said weirdness, they would find it very odd. Take, for example, the manga Sailor Moon. The main character's given name is Usagi, or rabbit, which is a very unusual name. As such, it's addressed within the manga; the character gets teased for having a funny name. That sets the audience at ease.
It's not that the script COULDN'T have had Light retain his name, but it's certainly a lot easier to change it, and IMO, probably not a bad decision marketing-wise.
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I called Warner Bros

After all the channels at WB,

i finally got to the WB backed company Producing DN

Dan Lin Pictures

i gave them a chance to clear the air on the leaked script, to prove or disprove it

they said

 "no comment at this time"

I'm scared guys, law abiding citizen should have been the U.S Death Note movie
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I don't mind at all. I just didn't want there to be an impression that I was being impolite.

You put forth a pretty good argument there. With the exception that the name kuruma is a Japanese name. It's discerned from the use for the word car by the kanji that is written. There was even a man named Samezō Kuruma who was a Marxist back in the 1920s. The word doesn't exclusively mean car in Japan. The word also has meaning in a recipe with prawns. When you know that a single word can have several meaning depending on how it's spelled. You start to see just how important kanji are. Though one huge pain in the ass to learn. I have hiragana and katakana memorized, but kanji is taking a while.
We have it in English with, for example, word "Through, threw". Spoken aloud they sound the same with wildly different meanings, but it's the spelling that sets them apart.
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@kdmccaskill: Wow. No Comment. Sure tells us a lot...;)
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wait.....I-I-I have a predicion 
my predicion is......... 
this movie may suck lol
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@Nerxual_Oh: thanks for the awesome comment, dont forget to subscribe and keep up with what im doing. I got big planz, big big big big planz
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  [B]Call To Action:

Call Warner Bros To Complain About Leaked Script[/B]

Call 818 954 6000 

for wb main line

ask to be transferred to Dan Lin Pictures(they are producing Death Note for Wb)

tell Dan Lin Pictures why you don't like script( be polite)
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Well I see it a little diff., Vlas and and Charley have been writing Death Note since 2008, before WB announced it, 

Virtigo has some weird deal with WB


the date is 06/2008

in doing research i found excerpts from the script was leaked in may 09 on a french death note site


To be honest even if this script is fake i don't see the real script being a huge deviation from this

The leaked script is very conservative

a screenwriter once told me hollywood doesn't write movies for LA, NY, Chicago

they make movies for the biggest movie markets, which are conservative cities

St Louis, MO and Nashville, Tn

having ryuk and death note at once would be just to much for those people, this way they can focus more on the death note

maybe? for sequels ray pen. is still alive, so to avoid jail time luke kills ray when he finds a torn page, and ryuk comes because he likes lukes style and digs up the death not for him, so he can kill ray's girl , 

and L brings Luke on board because someone is claiming to be The 2nd Kira, Lukes motivation in the 2nd movie could be to avoid jail time and death

and the 3rd can be about building a perfect world,

you should know Roy Lee the Ceo of Virtigo Entertainment

he gained fame for turning japanese movies into u.s remakes, when asian companies wanted to just sell their movies in U.S as is, he told them they're too japanese to work, and they gave roy the rights to sell the remake to a U.S Studio
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I know that, as it is an American remake, they will want to Westernise it for the sake of Westernising, but Light and his family should be  Japanese Americans, so that we can at least keep him as 'Light Yagami'. besides, the name Light, without the japanese connotation/influence (it is pronounced 'Raito', and spelt with the kanji for moon), is Western enough, as the word itself is an English noun. besides, if they are desperate in using the name 'Luke', then just give it to the shinigami, because Ryuk is quite literally a japanese pronunciation of the name Luke, which has significantly religious overtones (Luke is a gospel in the New Testament, and the name of a disciple of Christ).  
As for casting, people have said that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (From '10 Things I hate about You' and, more recently, '500 days of Summer') will be casted as L, and there are even some nice photos of him dressed for the part, however, I personally feel that he should be Matsuda, because he looks goofy enough. For the part of Light, many people have their favourites, and I'm sorry to say that I am one of those who have jumped on the 'Zac Efron for Kira' band wagon. I'm even thinking of making a badge declaring it. I know you may think that he's really silly and won't be right for it, but it's been said that he wanted to get into some darker things, and if he plays the Psycopath that we all love to hate, we may just be able to forgive him for the High School Musical stunt. But, for me, the biggest issue is who's going to play Aizawa, because it's him who, with his suspicions and his ability to ground people, can make or break the film. So, thanks to the mivie 'Seven Pounds', I would absolutely love it if we could have Will Smith (from 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air', 'I am legend' and 'I Robot') as Aizawa. beside, it would break the natural order of things if the actor for Aizawa did not have natural afro potential. As for Misa, I don't mind who plays her as long as she is cute, blonde, a ditz at first glance, and SCARY!!!!!
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I don't know why you want him to be named Light in the Hollywood remake, as his original name is Raito... Raito was made into "Light" in enlish, why can't Light be made into Luke? It would be weird if he was called Light in an american movie because it's... a english word, used every day... And since Light/Raito is a "normal" person, using the excuse of Wolverine and such just doesn't cut it. In my eyes :) And so what if they name him Luke, it's just a remake
It sucks that they're going to leave Ryuk out of the movie, eventhough I don't think it matters THAT mutch. With that said, I don't see WHY they would not make Ryuk a part of the film. If it's because shinigami's are.. "japanese", then why not call it a Death God? Maybe it's not normal in America, but is killing people by writing their name in a book normal? XD
 They COULD have had a funny actor play Ryuk (and yes, I agree that they could call HIM Luke :D) xD They didn't have to make him float, you know...  Because that would only look stupid. 

 No Misa?? Aaaawwww... Not that I like her that much, but It would ruin the story. What I am most excited to see, is the actors; if they can pull off the characters, and if they LOOK like them. It would be so cool if Kenichi played L, but well... He sucks in english. Btw, did I hear that Johnny Depp wanted to play him? He's old! D: As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I coudn't find any pictures of him dressed for the part as RuinTakada said, but I think he looks kinda like L (and Heath Ledger). I hope they make the hair the same. BUT MOST IMPORTANT is the acting skills. 
A bad sign is that they made Kira kill people because of his mom, not because of boredom and disgust of the world. I just hope that the "friendship" between L and Raito is still there... Is there no Misa?! And Raito doesn't die??
I'm off to read the script! 
That might be fake! Who knows! 
 And one last thing! I HATE it when hollywood remakes asian movies and have them set to Asia 0_o 
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@Martinuh: Well, a trade off between making a movie about it, or making a movie with a similar plot device/theme.
If this movie goes through, its seems like it'll be the latter, not the former. Personally I'd rather have nothing at all in that case.
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  Hi gia,
I agree with most of your statements, but there´s one thing I couldn´ t really agree with. It´s the way you described Light before he found Death Note. 
 " Light was a bored, super-intelligent young man who felt that the people around him were all morons, like rats next to his godliness. It was this ego that drove him to feel that he could rule the world, and he uses the Death Note in a manner completely differently than anyone else who ever acquired one  ..."  .  
I don´t think that he felt that people around him were "like rats to his godliness" (well at bigenning...). Yes, he was bored, he also could have a big ego, but  I think that the main problem was his naivety + idealism. Also he had a strong sense of justice (I think that the time when he had no memories of being Kira proves my point, even Tsugumi Ohba said that it was done to show the differency between Light without DN and Light with it).  I agree with you that Death Note itself wasn´t  something that controlled Light, I also agree with statement that he became an evil...but I can´t agree with assumption that he was such a "bad" person in the beginning, like you described him( because in the end we don´t know too much about his personality before finding death note, it shows only when he is without his memories of DN...).   
                                                                              Have a nice day  R.
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Is this the rumored American Deathnote live action movie? God I hope this ends up good, but it probaly wont.
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: fuck this movie  i dont want the remake of it anymore bcoz they gonna change the name of light yagami to luke murray..and no misa??? fuck it!!!



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@S3N4HU3:  fucking genius.
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Wait let me get this straight for years people have gotten made at American LAA like

Dragon ball evolution: which was a bad movie and adaption

The Last Airbender: Bad Movie, Excellent Adaptaion

Speed Racer: Good Movie: Okay Adaption, Horrible effects

Now we get something this messed up and everyone is okay with it. Rather this is fake or not.

I am sticking with the Japanese LAA movie cause that was truly good

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Why would they change stuff about Death Note??? I mean, in the Japanese Death Note movie, they only changed a few things, but for this, it's like making a story that's like Death Note. I hope this movie gets bad reviews, cause I think this American script is ruining the whole movie and plot of Death note.

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I know it's very old news now and obsolete since they got a new director and script, but I put together an analysis of the script, and I think this was the real deal:

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