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DearS is about Takeya, a normal High School boy who get a strange encounter with a Girl. This girl is no ordinary girl, she is a member of the alien race DearS.

Exactly one year prior to the start of DearS humanity made a unprecedented contact with extraterrestrial life such as aliens or also know as DearS. They crash land on Tokyo Bay when there spacecraft breaks down on there way to there home plant Thanatos. Now 150 anthropoids become cordially naturalized/become part of Japans society. Takeya Ikuhara is normal seventeen year old boy with black hair and eyes,he attends Koharu High school who hates the DearS this is based on childhood scare.He strongly believes aliens are fake worthless beings that have generated over the nation.  
On his way home Takeya comes cross a homeless DearS who faints much to his dislike. He ends up taking her home with him and give her food and shelter inside his apartment . Takeya later on nicknames the DearS Rin.She grows close and attached Takeya.  
He trys his best disassociate himself from her however Rens tenacity and behavior keeps her around. Later Takeya has change of heart/mind since notices Ren care and empathy towards him. Since Ren is deemed defective headquarters sends out a arrest for her.     
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General Information Edit
Name DearS
Name: ディアーズ
Romaji: Diaasu
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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