Deadman Wonderland Characters

Deadman Wonderland is an manga series in the Deadman Wonderland franchise
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Azami Mido

Azami Mido is one of first inmates of Deadman Wonderland that Ganta interacts with. She also becomes a part of the Forgeries.

Chan and En

Chun and en are albino twins that work for Toto/Hagire the Director.

Ganta Igarashi

The only survivor of a massacre by the Red Man. This gets him framed and imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland, where he learns that he is a Deadman.

Genkaku Azuma

The leader of the Undertakers. Azuma is a self-proclaimed "Ultra Buddhist Priest" who wields an electric V-shaped guitar that can split into two machine guns.

Idaki Hitara

Idaki Hitara is one of the older prisoners of Deadman Wonderland. He is a deadman who is a resident of Sector G.

Karako Koshio

One of the members of Scar Chain. Karako is able to use her Branch of Sin to wrap blood around her body to increase her physical strength while using the Wushu martial art style or defend herself.

Kiyomasa Senji

A Deadman nicknamed 'The Crow'. He has the ability to form blood into scythes and loves battling in the Carnival Corpse, making him very dangerous and one of the most famous Deadmen.

Kyoko Kasuga

Kyoko Kasuga is the assistant to Chief Guard Makina in Deadman Wonderland. She helps out Makina wherever she can to help maintain order.


Prison's Senior officer

Masaru Sukegawa

Masaru Sukegawa is one of the prisoners in Sector G. He is also a deadman with the power to create bramble weapons.


Mimi was one of the classmates of Ganta that was killed during the attack on his class from the Red Man.

Minatsuki Takami

Minatuski is Yo Takami's younger sister. Both of them were victims of the Great Tokyo Earthquake, which their mother supposedly died. She is also one of the deadman of the prison

Nagi Kengamine

The leader of the rebellion group Scar Chain at Deadman Wonderland. He is usually calm, collected, trustworthy and optimistic.

Rei Takashima

Rei Takashima is a doctor and scientist of Deadman Wonderland. Her main duties are to research the various deadmen that are imprisoned there.

Rinichiro Hagire

The Main Antagonist of Deadman Wonderland and the real director of the Prison DW.He turn Shiro into the Wrecthed Egg and hopped into bodies currently he is inside Toto Sakigami.


A mysterious albino girl who is locked in Deadman Wonderland. She was a childhood friend of Ganta until she was forced into an experiment that caused her to become the Wretched Egg an alter ego of mass destruction thanks to Rinichiro Hagire.

Sorae Igarashi

Sorae Igarashi is the mother of Ganta Igarashi. She's a medical researcher who did some of the early studies on Shiro.

Toto Sakigami

Toto Sakigami is a mysterious, young Deadman of incredible power that can copy of abilities of other Deadmen. His body is controlled by Rinichiro Hagire,the director of Deadman Wonderland.

Tsunenaga Tamaki

Assistant warden in Deadman wonderland.


Yamakatsu was one of the classmates of Ganta that was killed during the attack on his class from the Red Man.

You Takami

A prisoner in Deadman Wonderland. He later become Ganta's friend at the prison, and plays a big role in Ganta's first carnival corpse against Minatsuki. The main reason being Minatsuki is his younger sister.

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