Deadman Wonderland News: Dub Cast Announced for Toonami

Topic started by takashichea on May 22, 2012. Last post by Sonata 2 years, 9 months ago.
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I found a clip but the visual quality is not that great. On the bright side, you can hear Shiro's dub voice.

I was wrong about her lullaby. It does foreshadow later events in the story. She does refer to the gods, but I didn't like how everything is reduced to "Cheese." I guess they were trying to fit the rhythm of the lullaby.

Dub Transcript

In case the video gets removed by Youtube, I wrote down the song. Thank god, the guy's TV has the closed captions turned on.

Naughty Birdie's song is made

by pecking holes in trees

willows, cedars, sycamores...

and proud oaks reduced to cheese...

woodland gods, all in a huff

have forever cursed your naughty beak...

what it pecks, it poisons now;

your food, your nest even your young...

your friends now all fear you...

But your tears ring clearly through the wood

even as they taint the dew...

such a sad, sad, little birdy...

Maybe someday this song will lift the curse

and set you free...

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@takashichea: Thanks, I appreciate it. Shiro's voice sounds okay, but in my mind it will always be Kana Hanazawa. Kana just has such a distinct voice!

Hmmm, they didn't even use "Woodpecker" in the song. The translation definitely shows, like certain words being rushed or stressed unnaturally. It's just the way Japanese language is structured allows for very deliberate and paced pronunciation of syllables without sounding weird. Also, words almost always end with vowel sounds, which allows for them to be drawn out at the end of phrases in music.

So just for completeness sake I'm copy-pasting the romaji of the lullaby, and linking to the japanese lullaby for comparison: >.>

Warusa baka ni no uddopekka

Kyou mon anake

Moriboro darake okotta uddo godo

Kuchibashi wo doku ni kaeta

Komatta uddopekka

Su ana ga doku ni, gohan mo doku ni

Tomodachi ni furereba shinubakari

Kanashinda uddopekka

Doku no namida ga kira kira hikaru

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@Wales said:

Yeah, I change my opinion on Greg Aryes. If anything, he should sounds somewhat akin to Renton Thurston. Hell, Vic Mignogna would have done a better job.

I agree with Vic for Ganta,Greg made Ganta abit too whiny. Colleen and Monica nailed their parts I thought.
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