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I can’t decide if the choice to stage so much action in near total darkness over these last couple episodes is a bold creative choice or the semi-confusing result of the studio trying to save money. I say “semi-confusing” because, yeah, I can still grasp the general thrust of the action going on here. However, the experience still feels a bit akin to watching some provocative foreign property that’s literally been blacked out - - frame by messy frame - - by some sharpie-toting censor who's feeling skittish about all the blood on screen.

Thinking about it… that may actually be the case.

Ganta and the other “Deadmans” blood powers seem a little oddly under-defined so far. Granted, it’s a bit early in the game still, but there do seem to be a few important details missing here and… to be honest… I’m not especially curious to learn that much about these ghouls with the names that flagrantly defy the basic rules of grammar. (You know, ‘cause they aren’t “Deadmen.”)

Some of you lunatics warned me that this show starts off with some interesting concepts and then steadily veers away from them in favor of cloaked creatures who seem like they’ve been plucked straight out of Liefeld comic from the early 90’s. I’m trying to keep an open mind, of course, but my gut reaction is that I’d prefer it if the tension of this remained on Ganta being a normal kid who has to rely on his own wits and his unpredictable companion… not on his dark, superheroic blood tendrils.

I mean, the good guys get thrown into one hell of an insurmountable cliffhanger at the end of this episode. It looks like something Shiro can’t even cartwheel her way out! It honestly won't be as interesting to me if they just bust loose... courtesy of Ganta’s aforementioned dark, superheroic blood tendrils. No, it won't.

Watch this episode, "Crow Claw” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I don't want to say much(having just wrapped up the show yesterday), but there is a stark difference between what they gave us in episode two and the later episodes, I wanted more of two and felt that the show dropped the ball in that part. I'm curious to see where you stand a few episodes from now, so until then I shall be a mere spectator

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I think you're going to be let down by where the series goes if the emphasis on blood powers isn't up your alley. Themes eventually fade away and, my memory is foggy but I believe it becomes a battle for the fate out the world at some point.
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Deadmen are just humans who have special abilities granted to them when they bleed. You could think of it as similar to something like the X-Men but with the need to be hurt first, once bleeding each Deadman has a specific ability. The cause of the Deadmen hasn't been fully explained but it is directly related to the earthquake that hit Japan ten years before the beginning of the series (the same earthquake that results in Deadman Wonderland [the location] being built in the first place).

There are no "monsters" the enemies are human as long as Deadmen qualify under "Human". And the majority of the series' plot revolves around Ganta and Shiro (speaking for the manga, the anime ends right after the first big plot arc).

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Alrighty here your going to make a left turn in the plot to some okay stuff but not as interesting, then another left turn into a zone I like to call "A complete f@#king disaster." and then the show will end before the right turn back on the okay path.

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I'd like to point out that the X-men also are grammatically incorrect, because the team is practically never made up of just men. Also, the first X-men were actually teenagers.

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The darkness is almost certainly censoring. I watched this show while it was being simulcast on Crunchyroll and there wasn't any of this pervasive darkness. It makes it kind of a bummer to watch since at points you're not even, well, watching anything.

Edit: Crunchyroll's license expired forever ago though, so we're stuck with these.

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@Alamun: There was massive censoring in the Crunchyroll version. Usually, it was anything deemed too gory, especially the murder of the students in the beginning.

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