Deadman Wonderland Candy

Deadman Wonderland Candy is a anime/manga thing
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Candy is a vital object in the walls of Deadman Wonderland. Without it, the prison's death sentence is put into play.


Candy is a necessity inside the walls of Deadman Wonderland for the prisoners that reside there. Despite its seemingly simple design and name, this small sweet is a vital part of survival for all prisoners in Deadman Wonderland. When a prisoner is sent to the prison, they are fitted with a collar that identifies them. It also injects a poison into the prisoners bodies that will kill them in three days. In order to counteract this poison, a prisoner must eat the candy as it contains the antidote for the poison; although the taste is unpleasant as it is said to be extremely bitter. Without candy and after three days, a prisoners death sentence is carried out as is one of the rules of the prison.

There are multiple ways to obtain candy in the prison. New prisoners receive a piece of candy when they first enter the prison among other things for their new environment. Candy can be earned through performing in events or doing work around the prison for the staff and to entertain the guests of Deadman Wonderland. One of the easier ways to get candy is to buy it at the prison's vendor. However, the price of one piece of candy is 100,000 Cast Points.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Deadman Wonderland Candy
Japanese Name: デッドマンワンダーランドのキャンディ
Romaji Name: Deddoman Wandārando no Kyandi
Aliases Antidote Candy
1st manga book: Deadman Wonderland #1
1st anime episode: Deadman Wonderland #1
1st anime movie:
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