Deadlock! Sannin Showdown!

Deadlock! Sannin Showdown! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 08/11/2004
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Deadlock! Sannin Showdown! - 三すくみの戦い (San sukumi no tatakai)

The battle between the Sannin reaches its climax as their summons battle and Tsunade puts everything on the line to defeat Orochimaru. He is badly beaten but manages to survive the attack and escape with Kabuto following him.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

The Three Legendary Sannin face off.
The Three Legendary Sannin face off.

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru have all summoned their most powerful of beasts. The frog, Gamabunta, the slug, Katsuyu; and the snake, Manda. Manda has noticed the children of Gamabunta with Tonton thanks to Gamatatsu shouting out. Gamakichi tells his brother that they need to get out of there. Gamabunta waxes nostalgic of the faces he sees. He asks Jiraiya if this is some kind of reunion, but he only respond that bad jokes are all he can make after being so long since he last summoned him. This is the time to finally settle matters and kill Orochimaru. The giant snake, Manda, demands to know why Orochimaru summoned him to a place such as this. Losing patients to the lack of response, Manda threatens to eat him. Kabuto tries to appease Manda with a reward later, but he's shot down by Manda for even talking to him. Manda tells him that he expects100 human lives as a sacrifice later. Kabuto is worried that if Manda learns that Orochimaru can't use jutsu that he might kill them both.

With Tsunade, she asks Katsuya to take Naruto to Shizune. Slowly a smaller slug forms under Naruto and it leaves the larger body with him. Down below, Shizune is repairing the earlier damage done to the tendons in her ankles. As she's ready to fight, the smaller slug crashes in front of her and the slug asks her to care for this child. The battle will get vicious. This smaller Katsuya asks her to take this small clone of herself with the boy and hide their presence. So, she grabs Naruto to leave.

Gamabunta chuckles and blows smoke from his pipe into Manda's face. He threatens to hang Gamabunta until dry, but he draws his giant dagger saying he needs a new snake skin wallet. Jiraiya tells Orochimaru that they are no longer comrades and he replies that the word even gives him shivers. Tsunade say that this is the last of the Three Sannin. After a long pause, Katsuya is the first to strike with an acid slime attack. Manda evades and wraps her entire body. Before he can bite, Ganambunta lunges with his dagger, but Manda moves out of the way again and snaps his jaw shut on the blade. Tightening his grip on Katsuya, she gives Tsunade a signal and collapses in to many smaller Katsuya slug clones. In the distance they start to reform as one. With his tail free he attempts a whip on Gamabunta. Manda flings the dagger to him, it misses, and strikes just under the reformed Katsuya.

Jiraiya warns Tsunade to stay back and asks Gamabunta for oil. As Gamabunta spits up oil, Jiraiya uses his fire jutsu to set the oil ablaze as a giant flame thrower that envelopes Manda with Orochimaru and Kabuto. Looking at the devastation, they realize all that they got was a snake skin. A the ground starts to shake, Jiraiya warns Gamabunta. The tail strikes from the front and fangs drawn, the mouth end from behind. Before Manda can bite, from above Tsunade has lifted Gamabunta's gigantic dagger and impaled Manda's mouth shut with it.

Tsunade fights Orochimaru
Tsunade fights Orochimaru

Orochimaru whips out his tongue to grasp Tsunade from around the neck and tries slowly strangling her. With brute strength, she slips her arm beneath the tongue's grip and pulls it loose from around her own neck. Grabbing hold of it, she yanks him toward her, she punches him back down with all her strength, and holds his tongue to whip him up for another strike. Punching him in midair and kicking him back done, once more she grabs his tongue like some sort of chain but the punch misses completely. The muscles in her arm and her body have reached their limit. Still she lunges at him and continues to punch. She refuses to let up on Orochimaru and images of Dan and Nawaki fill her mind. He tries to run, but she gives chase. She cuts him off and continues to beat on him. He wraps her with his tongue and draws his Kusanagi sword from his mouth to pierce her again. To his surprise, she catches the blade with her feet and flings him away. She keeps punching but knows something is wrong.

She forms a hand sign and makes a Chakra Scalpel in her right hand. Using this, she declares it's over and punches him right in the jaw. He flies off, striking Gamabunta's dagger handle, and lands atop Manda's head. Jiraiya calls it over, and Gamabunta agrees. Kabuto crawls over to Orochimaru to tend to him. A frustrated Manda is angry at this position. He wants to eat and kill him but his mouth is sealed shut with this dagger. Telling him that next time they meet to be prepared, and he disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Tsunade falls to her knees and Jiraiya notices Orochimaru standing but breathing heavily. He tells Tsunade that even if she doesn't heal him that he has one other option. A way to regain the use of his arms and destroy the hidden leaf village. She's shocked to see his face as part of the pale skin has pealed away like snake skin to show another face underneath. He goes on to say he'd like to meet his two "comrades" once more then. Jiraiya realizes that it's the body of someone else. This was the stage feeling Orochimaru was giving off in the fight. With his last words of about his own immortality, he slowly sinks into the soil and disappears. Kabuto disappears in a puff of smoke and they are both finally gone. Jiraiya tries to give chase, but realizes the bones in his ribs and feet are broken.

Tsunade staggers to her feet and can feel the side effects of her jutsu starting to take effect. The seal reforms on her forehead,and something is happening to her body. Later, they are all surrounding an unconscious Naruto as he's wearing the necklace of the First Hokage. Jiraiya jokes that she's still no good at gambling. She remembers Naruto saying being hokage is his dream and the best she made with him that he couldn't learn the Rasengan in one week, he remembers the dreams of her brother, Nawaki; and the dream of the man she loved. All of them share the same dream. She trusted the necklace to each of them with a kiss to the forehead. Suddenly, Tsunade's hand begins to dry and wrinkle. Her youthful appearance changes. Jiraiya is shocked, but she says that she can change back after she's rested for a bit. She says they will return to town and leave for the Hidden Leaf Village once Naruto is awake. She calls her name, but she tells him from now on to call her the Fifth Hokage.

Some time later, Naruto is away and shocked and frustrated that Tsunade accepted the position. They are back in the very bar they first met at. When Jiraiya ask what's brother him, Naruto replies that compared to the Third Hokage that there's something rough and selfish about Tsunade. He goes on to say she's catty, she's bad with money, and on with reasons why he doesn't think she can do it. Shizune tries to distracts the growingly frustrated Tsunade. He goes on to say that a 50 year-old lady pretending to be someone young couldn't be right for hokage. She loses her temper and challenges Naruto to step outside again.

Back outside once more, she tells him that despite her looks that she's now the Fifth Hoakge. She shouldn't take such a brat seriously. One finger will be enough. He tells her not to call him short. Despite how he looks, he'll one day be Hokage. She rushes her barehanded, but she flicks the forehead protector off his head. He flinches when she goes in to power flick his forehead like last time, but is surprised when she kisses his forehead instead. She places a hand on his chest and tells him to grow to become a fine man. She also thinks to herself to become a fine Hokage. He only smiles and agrees. Jaiaiya says they should start heading back, but Naruto complains he hasn't eaten anything yet.

Later on the road home, Naruto is eating and running after them. Tsunade looks back and sees the dream of those she loved is still alive in him.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
ShizuneHealing Jutsu
KatsuyaAcid Slime
JiraiyaFire Style - Toad Oil Flamethrower
TsunadeChakra Enhanced Taijutsu
Chakra Scalpel.

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