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Dead Space: Aftermath is an anime movie
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Meh to the Tenth Degree Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on July 8, 2012. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

Well hello again, this is M here again late tonight to bring you the quick review of a short little movie by the name Dead Space Aftermath the second of the Dead Space movies. Some of you might remember my previous review of the last dead space movie being pretty abysmal, but along with friends of mine (namely PyroBlue a new member to the site) I decided to watch it as Aftermath has made its way onto Netflix because good god I would never pay real money to see this.

To those unfamiliar to the game series Dead space may find that they are completely shit out of luck as in terms of plot so to save you some time, you folks who don’t care, don’t watch it, it’s not meant for your eyes and is about as coherent to you as the writings of an autistic 1700s scribe writing in Cyrillic is to the average American, but to try to explain in base terms it follows the interrogation of 4 survivors from a ship meant to find out what happened to a ship…that was sent to help find out what happened to a colony…and so on…worked out about as well as their predecessor, meaning poorly. Turns out they were after an ancient artifact called the marker that can get inside your head as well as bring back the dead as horrific monsters.

To be honest this movie isn’t as bad as I feared nowhere as good as anyone should hope, but not as bad. A clear improvement in budget and effort was made and the actually acting is not that campy through most of it, while the horror is far from scary a few scenes are kind of fun in their gruesome ways especially in a group laugh tracking the movie, most impressive in terms of being different is that the movie, being told from multiple perspectives, takes on a new art direction from each perspective, much like the halo legends movie released a while back, these art styles range anywhere from interesting to good to actively bad, but consistently bring life to what otherwise would be a soulless affair, the main improvement is simply I can tell someone at least tried during its production, something that is miles ahead of its predecessor.

The bad is apparent from the start, the dead space movies were nothing more than trans-media blitz meant to try and drive up interest in dead space, specifically dead space 2, the first movie was spectacularly boring and difficult to watch feeling more like a hour and a half add then anything meant to be consumed alone as entertainment, and while the sequel is much improved its still far from objectively worth someone’s time and continues to be just another unnecessary attachment to a game series. It’s boring sometimes ugly and just so spectacularly mundane it becomes somehow worse than just mediocre, Aftermath simply proves the old adage that if one aims to be average they will be less so.

End of the day I did enjoy my time, but that’s more do to the company I shared the movie with the quality it inherently has, end all be all Dead space aftermath fails but not so hard at a 2.5 green eyed Koreans out of 5.

M however does give bonus points for the ship captain being practically Sean Connery
M however does give bonus points for the ship captain being practically Sean Connery
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