Dead or alive! 〜The brink between resurrection and spellbound?〜

Dead or alive! 〜The brink between resurrection and spellbound?〜 is an anime episode of Soul Eater that was released on 09/08/2008

As Free and Eruka enter the lair of the Kishin, they marvel over the sack that he is sealed in as Eruka prepares the vial with the black blood in it to inject into the sack. Medusa goads Stein to join her group as Stein attempts to attack her only to fail as he and the witch exchange attacks. He calms himself down as he realizes there are too many distractions and focuses his attention solely on Medusa, recalling that he works better when his attention is undivided. Spirit notices immediately how much more relaxed Stein is as he begins to lecture Medusa on his true nature.

Through a flashback, we see a younger Stein assaulting another student and planning on killing the student until Spirit stops him. Stein reveals that he wants to live in a world without rules as he begins attacking Medusa again, giving her a longer lecture about how people tried to see why he was mad when in truth he is just a sadistic man. Medusa wonders what it has to do with anything as she continues to get him to join her group, Stein refusing saying he doesn't want to be in a group where people fulfill their desires through their own ego and greedy methods. Stein manages to land a blow into Medusa but injures himself greatly in the process. Medusa attempts to kill him but finds that her body is paralyzed, Stein explaining he stitched up her body from the inside and through Spirit's help, the two are stuck in the position. Medusa chastises Stein since she will be able to kill him.

At the lair of the Kishin, Eruka is ready to revive the Kishin when Kid shows up to stop the process. However, he gets caught in the hallucinations of the kishin as Free and Eruka take advantage of this, only for Free to get caught again. Kid and Free calm themselves down as Free blocks Kid's attacks. Kid points out that Free isn't able to attack which allows Black Star to stop Eruka. He runs in and nearly gets the vial but is stopped by Eruka's mount, who herself had fallen to another hallucination. She tries to get the vial into the Kishin but struggles as Black Star slices the vial in half.

Claiming victory, Black Star is in amazement that the kishin is in the process of reawakening. Kid points out that Black Star fell to the madness at the last minute and missed his target by a few inches. The kishin continues to awaken as Medusa announces that she has won. In her moment of victory, she lets her guard down which allows Stein to slice her in half. He muses that even though he was able to kill her, they succeeded in revivie Asura which in reality he lost.

Free, Eruka, Kid, and Black Star watch as Asura begins to attach his skin back to his body, fumbling before getting it all right, smiling sickly.

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