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Dead Apostle is a anime/manga concept
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Humans turned into vampires via magecraft or other vampires such as True Ancestors or other Dead Apostles.

Dead Apostles are a type of vampire that one can be turned into either through magic or their blood is sucked on through another vampire such as a True Ancestor or another Dead Apostle. They were originally created as a countermeasure against True Ancestors who gave into bloodlust. But like True Ancestors, Dead Apostles also can give into bloodlust, yet need blood to maintain their bodies unlike the psychological urge that True Ancestors have. In addition, the immortality that Dead Apostles had was flawed in their creation. Their repeated bloodsucking eventually led the Dead Apostles to develop a sense of superiority over their creators and would soon rebel.

Many Dead Apostles regularly make amusement for themselves to kill whatever boredom they have. They will make sport out of expanding their territories and slaying the True Ancestors that they were once created to counteract against. While maverick and individual by nature, they have a ruling body that overlooks activities of their kind called the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, a group of 27 odd-behaving yet powerful Dead Apostles.

While possessing physical abilities far greater than human limits, the body of a Dead Apostle regularly decays and they require blood to maintain their bodies. More powerful Dead Apostles like Nrvnsqr Chaos regularly feast on the blood of many humans at once in order to sustain themselves. Through their bloodsucking, Dead Apostles are capable of turning their victims into mindless vampire familiars to aid them in their goals. They also have the ability to regenerate themselves, where their body reverts to the point in which it originally was before sustaining damage. Many Dead Apostles have two weaknesses: sunlight and the inability to cross large bodies of water. However, the strongest of Dead Apostles are capable of easily overcoming these weaknesses.

A human bitten by a Dead Apostle goes through a type of growth process over a period of several years in their turning to a Dead Apostle, where the chances of going into later stages of growth are increasingly rare. The three growth processes are:

  • Ghoul- A human corpse wandering mindlessly without a functioning brain and soul, as the soul is freed from the body. These types of Dead Apostles are in rapid decay and normally feast on other corpses to sustain their decaying bodies.
  • Living Dead- One who is able to sustain their body and brain after being bitten. While weaker than vampire familiars, they have a will of their own which prevents them from being manipulated by other Dead Apostles. The Living Dead have a limited intellect and regularly require blood to restore whatever intellect they lost while alive.
  • Vampire- A Living Dead who is able to regain their full intellect and gain the full power they can sustain as a Dead Apostle, as they are capable of creating other vampires and having their own minions. However, they are still bound to whichever Dead Apostle had turned them and must supply them with blood. To be recognized as a full-fledged vampire, the Dead Apostle in this stage must kill the one who had turned him.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Dead Apostle
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name: Shito
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tsukihime, Lunar Legend #2
1st anime movie:
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