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DC Confidential; Panty + Brief is an anime episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt that was released on 12/17/2010
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It’s been a long while since we had some Mayor-related suspense in Panty and Stocking, so it’s finally time for the angelic duo to get back on the storyline train and wrap things up. Episode 12 got off to a rocky start, but made peak performance in its second scenario. It was a fantastic episode that brought the romance, suspense, and action that many have come to expect from any other anime, but for Panty and Stocking, it was remarkably unforgettable.

 This scene needs no explanation.
 This scene needs no explanation.

The episode begins with “D.C. Confidential,” which is essentially a recap of Panty and Stocking’s record of Ghost hunting. Scanty and Kneesocks approach their superior, the Mayor of Daten City, and describe their recent failures to him. From Episode 1 to Episode 9, the Ghosts are fought, destroyed, and we move on. In between the critiquing, Scanty and Kneesocks get a little nasty with their respective foods and Fastener witnesses the scene. Scanty and Kneesocks’ failure ultimately leaves them in the crapper when the Mayor returns from deciding their punishment, but not before the topic of the Blood of Hellsmonkey comes up. With the Demon sisters out of the room, a scene from “Inner Brief” shows (the one where Garterbelt is about to “investigate” Brief), and the Mayor is...interested.

There isn’t much to say about this. If you wanted to know about past Ghost battles, their origins, and how Panty and Stocking destroyed them (or you just wanted to see the hilarious explosion scenes), this episode is for you. The only other part in this episode worth notice is the investigation of the Mayor, who seems to have a serious interest in bondage, as shown through his interest in the scenes from “Catfight Club.”

 Panty's Earthly goal is almost complete!
 Panty's Earthly goal is almost complete!

Rounding out the episode is “Panty and Brief.” While Stocking is taking out Ghosts, Panty is shirking on her duties, sacrificing her spare time screwing around with men instead of helping Stocking. Panty explains her goal of having sex with one thousand men before returning to Heaven. The angels are called back to the church, and Garterbelt delivers the news of the girls reaching their Heaven Coin goal and allowing access back into Heaven. His news is only half right. Panty’s sex life has left her on bad terms in Heaven, so the sex-crazed angel is forced to remain on Earth and collect Heaven Coins while Stocking is swept away back to Heaven. Panty gets Brief to do her Ghost hunting work, until Brief is called about a party. Brief brings Panty along, until he is taken away by unknown forces. Panty gets a call from Garterbelt, who notes a condition on Panty’s probation: she is prohibited from having sex. Garterbelt watches over Panty’s attempts to break the rule. Panty, frustrated with her predicament, encounters a suave guy in private, only to have him taken away. The scene changes up with the Rock Foundation owner and the Mayor of Daten City introducing Rock’s son and his bride-to-be, the Mayor’s daughter. Briefers Rock, Rock’s son, refuses to marry the proposed bride, instead revealing his love to Panty. Scanty, the proposed bride, reveals herself alongside Kneesocks, but Panty is significantly disadvantaged on her own in the battle, especially when her weapon Back Lace fails. Briefers rescues Panty and escapes with her, revealing his true identity: Brief. Panty and Brief depart in See Through, until the car breaks down and the two are forced to hide out in a nearby shack. To get her 1000, Panty has sex with Brief. Sadly, she can’t find a good position for the moment. Garterbelt appears and reveals Panty’s condition of Revival Angel Syndrome, leaving Panty as a virgin angel without her angelic powers. The Mayor enters, revealing himself as a demon named Corset. Using his power, Corset finds the Blood of Hellsmonkey in Brief’s “member,” which is awakened by an angelic kiss. Panty, unable to fight back, witnesses the demon sisters take Brief.

 Can't blame a guy for trying, can you, Panty?
 Can't blame a guy for trying, can you, Panty?

Unlike “D.C. Confidential,” this episode was a story-focused and significantly meaningful episode, one where we not only get a great buildup of suspense, but a deep understanding of the relationship between Panty and Brief. With Stocking in Heaven, it was up to Panty and Brief to bring the goods, and we really get to see Brief as a prominent and powerful young guy. The suspenseful cliffhanger sets the stage for the last episode incredibly well and even her hunt for tail turns out to be hilarious. The pieces all came together in “Panty and Brief,” which was one of the best scenarios seen in the series yet.

The question remains: did we need “D.C. Confidential”? The episode could’ve been a little longer with “Panty and Brief”, but the recap was generally boring and didn’t offer the storyline cohesion and interest that Panty and Brief sexual adventure did. Fortunately, the short length of “D.C. Confidential,” benefited the episode, so a majority of the episode was able to stay story-focused and progressive. The cliffhanger ending proved bottomless in its suspense, making Episode 12 a powerful story that only suffered from an unneeded recap. If you need a recap with Panty and Stocking, you’re not watching it enough. Expect an over-the-top battle, because Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is on its home stretch. Bring on Episode 13.

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