One Piece #33 - Davy Back Fight!!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 06/04/2004

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 33

Davy Back Fight!! - DAVY BACK FIGHT!! デービーバックファイト!! (Dēbī Bakku Faito!!)

After exploring the newest island, Long Ring Long Land, the Straw Hats meet the Foxy Pirates. Led by Foxy the Silver Fox, these new foes waste no time in challenging Luffy to a high stakes Davy Back Fight. Will Luffy accept the challenge of these dangerous new enemies?

--- VIZ


Chapter 306. Donut Race!!.....Pg.

ドーナツレース!! (Dōnatsu Rēsu!!)

Chapter 307. Ready, Donuts!!.....Pg.

レディ~イ ドーナツ!! (Redīi Dōnatsu!!)

Chapter 308. The Grand Interference Plan.....Pg.

妨害大作戦 (Bōdai Daisakusen)

Chapter 309. Groggy Monsters.....Pg.

グロッキーモンスターズ (Gurokkī Monsutāzu)

Chapter 310. Groggy Ring!!.....Pg.

グロッキーリング!! (Gurokkī Ringu!!)

Chapter 311. Rough Game.....Pg.

ラフゲーム (Rafu Gēmu)

Chapter 312. GOAL!!.....Pg.

GOAL!! (Gōru!!)

Chapter 313. MAIN EVENT.....Pg.

MAIN EVENT (Mein Ibento)

Chapter 314. Combat!!!.....Pg.

コンバット!!! (Konbatto!!!)

Chapter 315. Secret Room.....Pg.

秘密の部屋 (Himitsu no Heya)

Chapter 316. Brotherly Soul.....Pg.

ブラザー魂 (Burazā Souru)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
KapotySea Surface Splitter
UsoppFire Star
Breath Dial
Impact Dial
Nico RobinOcho Fleur - Flip
FoxyWhite Smoke Attack
Uso Shiji Daisakusen
Uso Goal Daisakusen
Slow-Slow Beam
Nine-Tails Rush
Slow-Slow Foxy Face Bomb
Foxy Face Transformation
Fox Trap Counter-Attack
Mirror Racket
Slowpoke Ball Demon Coach
Gorilla Punch Solid Gold Hits
Slow-Slow Beam Sword
Megaton Nine-Tails Rush
Kapoty and MondaTwin Fishpower Engine
PorcheCutie Baton - Ohana Shuriken
PicklesSling Tackle
Wipeout Tackle
Spinning Tackle
SanjiCollier (interrupted)
Troisième Hachisash
Bouquetiere Beater
Bad Manners Kick Course
Armée de L'Air Assault
Big PanPunk Pass
Punk Dig
Too Bad Dance
Mudfish Slippery Slide
Mudfish Circus Race
Mudfish Coaster
Punk Spike
Human Cannonball
HamburgGorilla Throw
Hamburger Hammer
Hamburg, Pickles and Big PanSize Attack! Small!! Medium!! Large!!
Monster Burger
Roronoa ZoroMutoryu - Dragon Twister
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Pistol
Gum Hook

Points of Interest

  • The side story of Gedatsu starts in the splash pages of this volume.


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