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Date is a anime/manga concept
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Aki Izayoi

A cold and ruthless girl with the power to bring the monsters and magic of Duel Monsters to life, an ability only used through anguish and sadness. Because of this, she chooses to distance herself from people, believing her power to be caused by the Dragon birthmark she possesses.

Akito Takagi

Akito is a gifted man who had decided to turn away from academic success in order to pursue his dream of becoming a manga writer. Along with his friend and artist Mashiro he has formed the team of Ashirogi Muto and become one of the best selling mangakas out there.


Gohan went on a date with Angela after he thought she knew his identity as the Great Saiyaman. They're potential relationship didn't work out.

Chizuru Kirishiki

Went on a date with her victim Toshio Ozaki. Didn't end that well.

Chun Woo Han

Chun Woo Han is the english techer and martial art master of Shi Woon Yi who is hellbent to take reveng for his master death on the Murim world.

Hanon Houshou

Hanon is the Mermaid Princess of the South Pacific Ocean, and the keeper of the Aqua Pearl.


Lucia's guardian who serves as her guide.


Izuru is the first woman who appeared of the Dark Lovers.

Kaito Domoto

Kaito, the son of a pair of musicians, is an avid surfer, as well as Lucia's love interest.

Kaya Miyoshi

The self appointed "girlfriend" of Takashi who will do anything to help him make his dream come true. She is also the friend of Miho Azuki and wants to make her relationship with Mashiro come true.

Lucia Nanami

Merimaid Princess of North Pacific Ocean, keeper of the pink pearl, the main character of the story.

Makoto Onoda

Makoto Onoda is the husband of Yura Onoda. he loves his wife and despite fantasizing other women and other women falling for him and trying to seduce him he doesn't cheat on his wife.

Miyu Yamazaki

Best friend of Ran and has feelings for Ran's brother, Yamato.

Ran Kotobuki

She's the Top Kogal of the Shibuya District whom has a family bloodline of police officers.


Reynalle is a Fallen angel. She disguises herself as a sweet and cute high school girl by the name of "Yuuma Amano" in order to win the heart of Issei Hyoudou.

Rina Touin

Rina is the Mermaid Princess of the North Atlantic Ocean, and keeper of the Green Pearl.

Tatsuki Kuroi

A "dancin' fool" from the Machida district that hangs out at Shibuya regularly. He's also Yuuya's competition for Ran's heart.

Toshio Ozaki

Went on a date with Chizuru Kirishiki. Didn't end that well.

Yamato Kotobuki

Big brother of Ran and proudly in charge of Shibuya's police box.


Yuri is one of the evil, who try to take the pearls from the mermaids and get the mermaids as well.

Yusei Fudou

The main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and team leader of Team 5D's. He used his signature monsters to help him win during his duels including Shooting Star Dragon, Stardust Dragon, and Shooting Quasar Dragon.

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