Dash Through Those Brilliant Days

Dash Through Those Brilliant Days is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 03/12/2013
Mashiro knows she is the reason for Sakura hall closing, as she prepares to leave school to protect those she loves. The residents search desperately to find her.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

While Mashiro is painting, Sorata recalls what he had said last night when Mashiro was present. Both Jin and Misaki notice how Sorata looks so sad. Sorata looks all over the hall for Mashiro, and Chihiro states that Mashiro has left already. Chihiro remarks how Mashiro has changed because of Sorata and her friends. Akasaka has Maid-chan track down Mashiro using GPS. In the art room, Sorata and the gang find Mashiro's painting that reveals everyone except Mashiro in Sakura Hall. The gang search for Mashiro, and Nanami tells Sorata that she will check the convenience store. She reminds Sorata about their promise, and Nanami confesses that she is grateful to have met him. She states that hearing his voice always cheer her up. After Sorata has left, Nanami cries and says that she loved Sorata.

Meanwhile, Akasaka tells Maid-chan to asks Rita about Mashiro. From behind, Rita surprises Akasaka and mentions that Mashiro is pretty stubborn. Over at Sakura Hall, Kazuki visits Chihiro who slapped him, and Kazuki explains that no one told him that his company was going to hire Mashiro. At school, Jinn and Misaki meet Soichiro and Saori. After Jin hands Soichiro a love letter, Soichiro tells Jin that he doesn't need it. Saori blushes when Jin notices that the two are a couple, and she bids Misaki good luck. After Sorata learns that Mashiro is heading towards the train station from the folks at the market, he finds Mashiro once he arrives to the station. Mashiro tells Sorata that it's her fault for hurting Sorata. Sorata explains that that he was jealous of Mashiro, but he states that she has inspired him to fight for his goals. He confesses to Mashiro that he loved her while Nanami arrives from behind. Nanami smiles at Sorata's confession. When the train passes by, Mashiro reunites with Sorata and tells him that she wants to stay with him. Nanami steps in when Mashiro mentions that she has hurt Nanami. Nanami says it is her fault for failing the audition; however, she is glad that Mashiro cared for her. She embraces Mashiro who cries a bit. Sorata tells Mashiro that everyone at Sakura Hall is there for her. Mashiro hugs and thanks Nanami.

Then, Akasaka and Rita arrive to inform Sorata that Jin and Misaki's graduation ceremony is starting.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Mashiro: "It's all my fault. I worked hard, but Sakura Hall will be torn down... It's because of me! I hurt you, too... You hate me. I... I don't want to stay at Sakura Hall if it will make you hate me."
Explaining to Sorata


  • Japanese Name: "Kirameku Hibi o Kakenukero" (きらめく日々を駆け抜けろ)
  • Opening Theme: "Yume no Tsuzuki" (夢の続き) by Konomi Suzuki
  • Ending Theme: "Prime Number (Kimi to Deaeru Hi)" (Prime Number ~君と出会える日~) by Asuka Ookura

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