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Ten years after the alien Akrons invade Earth, the last remnants of humanity live in savage gangs in the ruins of the world's cities. Street urchins Kento, Danji, Sanae, Mita, Tanosuke, Jiro, and Manabu find the entrance to a secret underground base where Professor Earl, a scientist from Planet Helios, has been working on a plan to stop Earth from suffering the same fate as his own world, already conquered by the Ak-rons. Kento and Danji are made the pilots of Atlas and Gumper, a robot and a spaceship, and in their first battle against the Akrons, they awaken the lost "third component," the robotic lion Beralios. Earl realizes that Kento is the lost son of Harlin, King of Helios, and that with all the pieces in place, the three machines can combine to form the super-robot Dartanius. Though the robot was originally named after the hero of the Three Musketeers, the Godaikin release of the toy in the U.S. used the Daltanias spelling listed above as an alternative.

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General Information Edit
Name Dartanius
Romaji: Mirai Robo Dartanius
Publisher ?
Start Year 1979
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Aliases Future Robot Dartanius Daltanias
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