Negima! #23 - Darkness or Light?

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 07/07/2009

Plot Summary

Negima! Magister Negi Magi - Vol.23 Darkness or Light?

Negi starts the path of training that suits him best and risks his very life to advance yet another level in his magical training. Elsewhere in the Magical World, Yue's own magic training has advanced far beyond what anyone could of imagined.



A list and general description of many of the most common Honorifics in the Japanese language.

A Word from the Author

Ken Akamatsu talks about Negi's training and the classmates still left behind in this volume. He also talks about the new anime that is based on the actual manga events. The Magister Negi Magi - Ala Alba.

205th Period - Father's Path or Master's Path!?

Negi makes the choice of following the path of Light and his Father, or the path of Darkness and Evangeline. To reach his father, Negis will pick the path best suited for him.

206th Period - Precious Reunion

Kaede and Konoka are together and safe, and they are about to have a tearful reunion with Asuna and Setsuna on the pat to Ostia.

207th Period - No Chance of Winning!!?

Negi's trail into Darkness has only just begun. The one best suited to Negi Evangeline's skills is Eva herself, but Negi's life is truly on the line.

208th Period - Limit

Chisame is given the task to watch over Negi as he battles in another plain with an illusion of Eva. To save Negi's life all she needs to do is stab the scroll, but then he'd never be able to use the Dark Magic for the rest of his life.

209th Period - Negi's Back!

The training has reached it's peak and all there is left is to test the results, but with the last day dawning. If he doesn't wake up soon. He may never open his eyes again.

210th Period - Everyone's Energetically Devoted to Life

The relaxing adventures of class 3-A in both the Magical and Real Worlds. Chamo is another story.

211th Period - Magical Girl Major Battle

A memory erased Yue and her new friend, Collet, train to enter the Broom Rally and earn a spot on the honor guard to Ostia.

212th Period - 100km Broom Rally; Falling Clothes and Danger Ahead

In a broom rally race. The prize is a spot on the country's honor guard and the chance to meet Nagi Springfield. Yue's biggest rival is another class rep with an obsession of the Springfield line.

213th Period - Super Magical Girl Yue

Yue showcases her wits, magic, and cunning to survive a battle with a dangerous Griffin Dragon. No longer are clothes on the line, but their very skins in this race.

Fan Art Corner

Four pages of fan drawn postcards and letters.

3D Backgrounds Explanation Corner

Discussion and explanation of the 3D models used in the background of the series

This Volume:

  • Rakan's Castle
  • Whale Ship
  • Rural Mountain Village

-Ariadne Magic School-

  • Classroom
  • Nurse's Office
  • Collet's Room
  • Girl's Bathroom
  • Library
  • Grandmaster's Office

Lexicon Negimarium

Full list of the meaning of the spells or other Latin phrases used in this volume.

This Volume:

  • Dark Magic
  • Demon's Nursery Rhyme
  • man
  • agni
  • namak samanta vajra nan han
  • Artemisia Leaves
  • Read-Aloud Ear
  • anette ti net garnet
  • vor so kratika socratica
  • Heatwave Disarmament
  • tarot carrot charlotte
  • Hail of Ice Spears

Bonus Pages

Three pages showing and discussing in fine details the Taiwanese version of Negima!.

Cover Concept Sketches

The concept sketches and notes for both the front and back covers.

Back Cover: Misa Kakizaki

About the Creator

A brief description of series creator Ken Akamatsu

Translation Notes

If there is something that requires alterations or a Japanese phrase/joke needs explaining. The translators explains things here.


  • Bakusa and bakuenjin
  • Negima Club alpha
  • Chibisuke
  • Fate-han
  • Annin dofu
  • XX-puta
  • Setsunakute Labyrinth

Preview of Negima! Vol. 24

Four pages of Negima! Volume 24 in it's original Japanese form.


Cover Alterations

The cover for this volume as altered slightly from the original Japanese version of this cover. Evangeline's skirt was lengthened. An odd alteration considering her skirt wasn't altered in Volume 3.


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