Claymore #2 - Darkness In Paradise

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 06/06/2006

Plot Summary

Shueisha Edition Release Date: May 1, 2002

Proper Japanese Title: Mahoroba no Yami (まほろばの闇)

Clare and the orphan Raki travel to the town of Rabona, where a Yoma has been stalking priests in the cathedral. The creature could be one of the guards, or even a priest, but this time Clare won't be able to sense its aura. Does she stand a chance against the stealthy Yoma?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 5: "Darkness in Paradise, Part 1" (まほろばの闇 Ⅰ "Mahoroba no Yami I")
  • Chapter 6: "Darkness in Paradise, Part 2" (まほろばの闇 Ⅱ "Mahoroba no Yami II")
  • Chapter 7: "Darkness in Paradise, Part 3" (まほろばの闇 Ⅲ "Mahoroba no Yami III")
  • Chapter 8: "Darkness in Paradise, Part 4" (まほろばの闇 Ⅳ "Mahoroba no Yami IV")
  • Chapter 9: "Darkness in Paradise, Part 5" (まほろばの闇 Ⅴ "Mahoroba no Yami V")


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Norihiro Yagi artist, cover, writer,


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