Negima! #34 - Darkness Falls

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 05/17/2011

Plot Summary

The battle gets fierce as Negi Springfield and his party come up against the leaders of Cosmo Entelecheia. Our heroes manage to defeat Dynamis, but in the process Negi allows Magia Erebea to almost consume him. As he fights for his humanity, his class must fight Fate Averruncus for their lives

Table Of Content

  • 305th Period: To Fate
  • 306th Period: Will He Overcome? Or Be Swallowed Up!?
  • 307th Period: I Still Believe In Negi
  • 308th Period: The Best Way To Defeat The Undefeatable!!
  • 309th Period: The Final Dungeon: A Daring Infiltration!!
  • 310th Period: Ala Alba! Charge!
  • 311th Period: Fate Strikes Back
  • 312th Period: Self-Sacrificing Ninpo For A No-Win Situation
  • 313th Period: We Won't Give Up! Not Until It's Over!
  • 314th Period: Rebirth
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About this Manga Cover
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