Negima! #32 - Darkness Approaches

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 11/17/2010

Plot Summary

His battle with Fate looms ever closer, but Negi has more pressing concerns. The darkness has started to consume him, and if he doesn't get it under control, he'll turn into a monster. Before Negi can keep his students safe from Fate, he has to keep them safe from himself.

This volume of Negima! includes special extras after the story!

Chapter Titles

  • 286th Period: Magia Erebea vs. the Negi Party
  • 287th Period: Mahora Academy, All Hands Prepare For Battle!!
  • 288th Period: Secret Confessions ♥
  • 289th Period: Storm Warning: Watch For A Whirlwind of Pactio Kisses ♥
  • 290th Period: Fateful Resolve
  • 291st Period: Take Hold of the Darkness!!
  • 292nd Period: Last Project: Final Plan of Attack
  • 293rd Period: It Starts! The Final Battle!!
  • 294th Period: Ala Alba, Charge!!
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