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Darker than BLACK is an anime series in the Darker than Black franchise
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Alice Wang

Daughter of leader of Chinese mafia group Qing Long Tang.


Leader of religion that worships Hell's Gate


Amagiri is Amber's assistant.


Messier Code UB-001, Amber is the founder of the Evening Primrose and a contractor with the ability to manipulate time.

Amitabh Kapoor

A Contractor who can swap bodies.


She is a helper of November 11.


Babo is a neighbor of Hei's at Umitsuki Apartments.


A Contractor who can destroy things with her voice.


A female contractor with ability to teleport herself and others just by kissing them.

Chiaki Shinoda

Chiaki Shinoda is a physicist who stole information from the National Lab to give to Louis.

Corinna Moku

A third-year student at Beijing University.


A member of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

Eelis Kastinen

Eelis is a piano instructor.

Eric Nishijima

Eric is a high-ranking officer in Pandora.


Erica is a hostess who worked at a hostess club with Chiaki Shinoda.

Gai Kurasawa

Private detective


Havoc is a Forfeiter and a former team member of Hei, Amber, and Pai.


Codename "Hei", the main protagonist, is an elite Contractor, with the Messier Code BK-201. Hei has a double persona in the series. In the general public he is referred to as Li Shengshun, a good-natured Chinese exchange student living in the Umitsuki apartments.

Horai Yoshimitsu

Horai Yoshimitsu is the Chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Public Security Bureau.


Huang is a member of the syndicate and acts as a liaison, relaying mission details to Hei's group.


Itzhak is Berthas partner.


Jean is a contractor with the ability to teleport.


A member of MI6.

Kanami Ishizaki

Chief of observatory and Kirihara's friend.

Kenji Sakurai

Kenji is a member of Nakazawa Family.

Kiko Kayanuma

She is Gai Kurasawa's assistant.

Kozo Tahara

Kozo is the only survivor of Hell's Gate First Reconnaissance Troop (First research team).

Kunio Matsumoto

Kunio Matsumoto is the oldest member of Section 4 of the Tokyo Police Department.


Louis is the codename of a Contrator who had ties to the French government.

Madam Stargazer

A strange monk who speaks in riddles or prophecy.

Mai Kashiwagi


A Contractor who can set things on fire.


Mao is a contractor that has the ability to take over the bodies of animals. He lost his original human body and is now confined to the body of a cat.

Masashi Hitotsubashi

Kenji's boss.

Mayu Otsuka

Mayu Otsuka is Section 4's liaison officer with the Astronomy Bureau.

Mina Khandar Swami

Mina Khandar Swami is a member of the Syndicate and a scientist in Pandora.

Misaki Kirihara

A policewomen with a strong sense of justice and sharp intuition.

Misuzu Oyama

Misuzu Oyama is the landlady of Umitsuki Apartments where Hei lives.

Naoyasu Kirihara

Superintendent supervisor and a head of security at the National Police Agency. He is father of Misaki Kirihara.

Nick Hillman

Nick Hillman is a scientist in Pandora. He has power to manipulate electricity.

November 11

Member of M1-6.


Hei's younger sister.

Reiji Kikuchi

Reiji is an employee in Pandora Institute.

Richard Lau

A memeber of Chinese gang Qing Long Tang (Chen Long Tang).

Robert Schroeder

A scientist in Pandora institute.


A Contractor that uses an invisible whip that can cut through glass or bones as a weapon.

Shihoko Kishida

Shihoko is a contractor sent by the Sydicate to infiltrate Alma's organization.

Shizuka Isozaki

Soichi's wife

Soichi Isozaki

Huang's former partner.

Tatsuo Yabata

A police officer.

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