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 Down falling.... fallen...
 Down falling.... fallen...

As far as “contractual obligations” go, I suppose a growing boy’s appetite is a might easier to fulfill than getting stuck in a cat’s body or thirsting for the blood of children. That’s the trade-off for the powers, right? You get the ability to conduct electricity or impale people with icicles but, in exchange, you’ve got to deal with hang-ups that range from mildly inconvenient to majorly horrifying. Whether or not you have those powers at the moment corresponds to whether your star’s shining or falling above the city. Have I got that right?

Actually, since we’ve got some DARKER THAN BLACK experts here, why don’t you help me figure out what’s going at this stage? So Havoc’s a Moratorium, right? She’s got all this destructive power that she can’t control and that awful power was unleashed in spectacular fashion upon the entirety of South America sometime in the past. The outburst was so powerful, in fact, it wiped her memory of any information that might be useful to Hei and it put her powers into hibernation effectively.

Because Havoc’s guilty of genocide, she’s an international criminal. Thus, while Hei wants answers and his people want her powers, the British’s Contractor contingent has been dispatched to snuff her out. The dude named after a date pulls that off in this one and, even though Hei doesn’t especially have attachment to Havoc, her murder puts these MI6 persons on his shit list.

Have I got it?  

I don’t know what it is about this show and BACCANO! Maybe it’s because I’ve gone in with literally no pre-awareness; maybe there are too many characters to keep track of; maybe it’s just that they lay the narrative dense on thicker and earlier than usual... but I’ve been having a harder time keeping track of what’s going on. I feel like I need to be watching this with a notepad handy, and that just wasn’t the case for GURREN LAGANN, DEATH NOTE or even EVA.

Watch this episode "Red Giant Over Easter Europe (Part 2)" below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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Most of the episodes aren't connected to the main plot, the main plot reveals itself in the last couple of episodes, so I wouldn't worry too much, you'll get all the concepts soon enough.
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While watching this series I felt like the writers had some cool ideas but no way to tie them all together into a cohesive plot. In the beginning of the series there are mostly random criminals that Hei has to stop, and of course the flashbacks giving hint at some plot in the future.
Don't forget Tom, the anime tradition is to have the episode in the middle that actually explains things or reveals a lot of plot. The infamous episode 13 recap/explanation. I don't remember how well DTB did this, but I know the series held off on revealing some good info until the 2nd half.
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As far as I can remember if the star is falling that means the corresponding contractor died.
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@Sogeman said:
" As far as I can remember if the star is falling that means the corresponding contractor died. "
I thought they did a good job creating a world in this show, but only a mediocre one telling a story in it. This goes triple for the second season.
Also it would probably have made for a more compelling show if Hei had a more interesting compulsion.  I guess there would be potential there to fall into the "the Enterprise is out of dilithium crystals...again" trap though.
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Watch the show in english, its a lot easier to follow when you don't have to read to understand whats going on.  Plus its a pretty good dub
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Although Havoc's power sounds great as implied by MI6 dudes, she did not cause the collapse of Heaven's Gate. Actually, her powers were repressed after the events in South America. Hei and Havoc actually have a strong tie to each other, but that will be revealed further along in the series. 
As far as your analysis in the first paragraph, you are pretty spot on. Information will come to light that will turn some of these "rules" on their head for some of these characters in the latter half of the series. To be honest, not much of the overall narrative is revealed in the beginning of this show. This show seems more of  a character study of the players and victims.
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