Watch & Learn: DARKER THAN BLACK #5

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 He's as cooooooold as ice.
 He's as cooooooold as ice.

Sooooooo… let me get this straight. We’ve got a blonde dude who can control ice (Iceman?), a young individual who can’t control some highly-destructive powers named Havoc (Havok?) and a black girl with white hair who can control the weather (Storm?) If the creators have never admitted that this draws inspiration from the X-MEN, I’ll seriously have to call bullshit on them. I’m not really crying foul, here. It’s intriguing to see something you’ve grown up get reflected through the lens of another culture - - much like I’m seein a warped version of historic Chicago in BACCANO! - - but the coincidences don’t seem that coincidental when you consider how similar contractors are to mutants.

This show’s getting pretty reliable for some bravura action set pieces, to be sure. Iceman employs his cryomancy in ways much more brutal than I’ve ever seen Mr. Freeze use (though they’re maybe on par with Sub-Zero’s M.O.) Freeze-drying a man’s arm off seemed like a simple party favor in comparison to the harsh trick of turning hot coffee into a sharp projectile, didn't it?

 The last time the X-Men went to Japan.
 The last time the X-Men went to Japan.

Stepping back a little, this is basically a high stakes “Goofus and Gallant” liked you’d see in the PTA’s favorite magazine, HIGHLIGHTS. Goofus conducts dangerous business like the wise guys at the beginning. He calls a deal off but still tries to keep his pavement. He gets frozen to death. Gallant conducts dangerous business like Hacov’s minders at the end. He puts his query in a suitcase and makes his enemies thinks she’s in a helicopter. Even if said query gets stolen, he still has sound tactics.  

Yes, these references fly around everywhere like a lil' silver pin ball.

Watch this episode “Red Giant Over Eastern Europe… (Part 1)” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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I keep meaning to get into this but never seem to find the time.
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I can agree that Contractors are pretty similar to the mutants of X-man. 
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Favorite part of this episode is when he gives second hand smoking statistics and how bad it is, later you find out his contract to use his power is smoking. :) The irony is funny.
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I never thought to compare those guys to X-men. When you put it that way they are pretty similar.
I liked this crime team though. Although the show was still getting on my nerves because I was hoping to understand the world more by this point.
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@lurkero said:

" I never thought to compare those guys to X-men. When you put it that way they are pretty similar. "

this. It never occurred to me ether that there was a pretty big similarity there. They are both all encompasing deus ex machina that justify any crazy powers they want.
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Whooo~ November 11!! <3 Gah! I love him so much!
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I can't believe I didn't see how closely they resembled X-Men, especially with how obvious the Storm comparison is.
Post by zaldar (1,365 posts) See mini bio Level 15 long do you have to think to get these references not even from left field but I mean left universe (along with right and center universe)  I mean wow...ok next episode I want you to make a sesame street reference and a reference to mexican porn....ok GO!
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I can't believe I haven't noticed the similarities before.
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