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Darker than Black is a franchise comprised of 3 anime series
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After two strange areas-- Hell's Gate and Heaven's Gate --appeared, so did people known as "Contractors," people with no emotions and unique abilities which they pay for by a strange obsessive-compulsion that is unique to each Contractor.


Darker Than Black was directed by Tensai Okamura and published by Bones studios, airing in April 2007 the series was so popular that a manga adaption was released during the running of the series. Since then there has been another anime season and 5 OVA's.


The world has changed, during the time of the Hell Gate rising, people with powers began to rise. These people where kept secret from the world at large and became known to contractors they do not answer to the laws of man and are able to kill and steal with no real punishment.

The worlds governments have started to use them and their skills to gain information often resulting in powerful battles between contractors. Each time they use their powers they must make a type of sacrifice to make up for the use, some drink blood, others break bones. They are very cold and highly logical and take the quickest move for victory, even if it means killing.


Hei (黒(ヘイ))
Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi Jason Liebrecht
Gender: Male
Hei began working for the syndicate to protect his contractor sister, Pai, in South America during the Heavens Gate War. He inherited his contractor ability from his sister who resides inside of him. He has the ability to generate electricity.

Huang (黄(ホァン)

Voiced by: Masaru Ikeda John Swasey

Gender: Male

Huang who is the leader of the team was once a police officer by the name of Kiyoshi Kuno. After becoming involved with Shihoko and ultimately seeing a Contractor in action he was given a choice, work for the Syndicate or have his memories erased.

Yin (銀(イン))
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen Brina Palencia
Gender: Female

Yin does surveillance for Hei. She is a doll which is a subservient programmable person those of which started showing up at the same time as the contractors. Her programming is minimal yet she still shows signs of emotion.

Mao (猫(マオ))
Voiced by: Ikuya Sawaki Kent Williams

Gender: Male

Mao a contractor who because of his own body being destroyed while using his power to inhabit animals must inhabit a cat's body and must be hooked up to a network through his brain in order to suppress the cat he inhabits natural instincts.

Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

November 11 (ノーベンバー11)

Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue Troy Baker

Gender: Male

November 11 is one of M16's best agents and is given the job of investigating BK-201. His ability allows him to freeze liquids without direct contact as well as build walls of ice to protect himself. His remuneration is smoking cigarettes.
April (エイプリル)

Voiced by: Takako Honda Nazia Chaudhry

Gender: Female

April is November 11's support as her power is the ability to create downpours as well as controlling the water directly. Her remuneration is to drink beer which she loves because she enjoys beer.
July (ジュライ)
Voiced by: Kiyomi Asai Cherami Leigh
Gender: Male
July is a doll who's observation power is linked to glass rather than water. He is the third member of November 11's team and feels both April and November 11 are his friends despite the fact dolls are suppose to be without emotion.


Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha (April - September 2007)

Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha written and directed by Tensai Okamura was released by Bones on April 5, 2007 and ran until September 28, 2007. The series consisted of 25 episodes.

Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (October - December 2009)

Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor a sequel to the first which was also written and directed by Tensai Okamura consisted of 12 episodes and began airing October 8, 2009 and ran until December 24, 2009.


Darker Than Black (August 2007)

Darker Than Black a manga adaption illustrated by Nokiya was released in the monthly Alaska on August 8, 2007 and again on January 26, 2008 the series consisted of two volumes.

Darker than Black: Shikkoku no Hana (March 2011)

A second manga adaption titled Darker than Black: Shikkoku no Hana was illustrated by Yuji Iwahara and published by Square Enix, first serialized in the Young Gangen magazine in March of 2011 the events take place one year after the first. The series consits of 4 volumes.


Beneath the Fully Bloomed Cherry Blossoms(March 2008)

The first OVA adaption also known as Beneath the Fully Bloomed Cherry Blossoms was released through Bones was directed by Tensai Okamura who also worked on both anime was released on March 26, 2008 and had a run time of 23 minutes.

Darker than Black: Gaiden (January - July 2010)

There are currently 4 OVA's under the Darker than Black: Gaiden title all of the events taking place between between season one and two of the anime the series was released from January 27, 2010 until July 21, 2010. All where written and directed by Tensai Okamura.

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Name: Darker than Black
Name: Darker than Black -黒の契約者-
Romaji: Daakaa Zan Burakku -Kuro no Keiyakusha-
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