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Dark Side is a anime/manga concept
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The reigning Queen and victor of the past two Queen's Blade tournaments. Primary antagonist.


One of the Olympus Twelve and a member of the Bagura Empires Seven Death Generals.


The leader of the Oracion Seis, Brain uses darkness type magic and has an even more sinister and powerful second personality in his mind whose codename is Zero.

Carly Nagisa

She is an unsuccessful and clumsy reporter. She also has a crush on Jack Atlas. She was at a time turned into a dark signer when she was blown off a building during her fight with the head of the Arcadia Movement.


Chii is a Chobit that Hideki finds (practically) naked in the trash. He activates and befriends her, finding her ignorant innocence endearing. Chii's past is quite mysterious and a big focus in the series.


The new Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix. After obtaining his title Dark must embark on a epic quest before he can assume his responsibilities.

Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker succumbed to the dark side of the force and was reborn as Darth Vader

Demon Eyes Kyo

Demon Eyes Kyo is the main protagonist of Samurai Deeper Kyo. He's the infamous Thousand Men Slayer once feared and respected once the world. He had vanished 4 years ago but he's back to reclaim the title of strongest and unravel his mysterious past.


Twin Sister of Chii.

Good Witch Haggar

When Allura appealed to Haggar's good side, an unexpected event occurred, the evil of Haggar purged the good from her body, giving birth to an entity with the power of Haggar and a pure heart.


Hiruko is the main villain in the third Naruto Shippuuden fillm: Inheritors of the Will of Fire.

Hollow Ichigo

Hollow Ichigo is the true form of Ichigo Kurosaki's zanpakutō, Zangetsu. He was born from the Hollow called White that merged with Ichigo's latent Soul Reaper powers to become his zanpakutō.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the Manga Bleach. Having received Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo takes it upon himself to protect souls from the evil Hollow.


InuYasha is the half-breed demon who fell in love with a human priestess, Kikyo; but the two fell into the trap of the demon Naraku to turn against each other. After several decades of slumber, he's released by Kikyo's descendant to find the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

Jack Atlas

One of the main characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's series. He is a friend/rival of Yusei. He also wields the Duel Monster Card Red Archfiend Dragon. He is one of the Signers.

Kanato Sakamaki

One of the Sakamaki brothers. He talks to his Teddy and might not have a strong grip on his sanity.


Kurama is the strongest of all the Bijuu known as the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. He has been sealed within several Jinchuriki and used as a weapon. Now, sealed within Naruto Uzumaki.


Sword-wielding hero from the Legend of Zelda.

Little Demon

Little Demon is the personification of Soul's insanity brought on by the Black Blood he was infected with.

Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma is Shu's older sister, and is the first to get infected by the Apocalypse Virus.


Menma is the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze from an alternate dimension. He is an evil version of Naruto and possibly secondary antagonist in Naruto Road to Ninja.

Momoka Nishizawa

The multi-billonaire one-sided lover and classmate of Fuyuki Hinata. Despite being outgoing in everything else, Momoka is really shy when it comes to Fuyuki, and she is unable to confess her feelings to him. Momoka also has a split personality that surfaces when she is angry or her plans fail.

Natsuki Shinomiya

A male student at Saotome Academy. He is childhood friends with Shou. He is a terrible cook and often chases Shou and tries getting him to do cute things. He also has a split personality which is triggered by taking off his glasses.


The living incarnation of the cursed sword, Soul Edge. He was originally created as the alter-ego of Siegfried Schtauffen after he obtained Soul Edge and was consumed by the sword's will. After Siegfried was freed from the swords influence the entity formed a new body.

Phoenix Ikki

The wrathful Saint of Athena who wears the Bronze Cloth of the Phoenix Constellation.


Raven is one of the core Teen Titans and the daughter of the demon named Trigon.

Reiji Sakamaki

The second eldest of the Sakamaki brothers. He is strict in manners and politeness.

Saga Gemini

A Gold Saint of the Sanctuary who wears the Gemini Cloth. He is the twin brother of Kanon.

Sakurako Amamiya

Sakurako Amamiya is a mysterious girl from Psyren who was the childhood friend of the series protagonist. She has been training to use her psychic powers for a long time in preparation to fight in the game of Psyren.

Sean Obihiro

The young computer prodigy and the leader of Grave in the manga of the Megaman NtWarrior franchise.


Shukaku is the one-tailed Bijuu that originally resided in Gaara.

Yami Bakura

The spirit inside of the Millenium Ring, that posseses Bakura.

Yami Malik

An evil spirit that has possesed the Millenium Rod, created from Marik Ishtar to cope with the pain of being initiated as a Tombkeeper. He is completely ruthless and daring, and was always thirsting for destruction and power.

Yoriko Sannou

Kyouta's childhood girlfriend, and leader-to-be of the Arayashiki.

Yusuke Urameshi

Main character of manga and anime series Yu Yu Hakusho. He is a spirit detective and a very strong fighter, and a punk teenager.

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