Dark Horse Presents Returns-- Will Feature Manga

Topic started by gia on April 20, 2010. Last post by KiraIsL 4 years, 11 months ago.
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Yesterday when I learned that Dark Horse had put the CLAMP Mangettes on hold (and Del Rey's CLAMP in Wonderland has been pushed back as well, by the way), I also learned that they were going to restore their Dark Horse Presents anthology series to print. Dark Horse Presents launched in print in 1986 but has been on MySpace rather than in print for a while now (although the online version will be moved off of MySpace and onto Dark Horse's website). The overall gist of the publication is original short stories and previews for Dark Horse titles.

Why does this matter to you? I got in touch with Jim Gibbons at Dark Horse, who checked in with DH pres Mike Richardson-- they ARE planning to include some manga in DHP, although which titles and what kind of content haven't been finalized as yet.

DHP has offered up manga before-- I can't tell you exactly how much or how often, but I found at least one issue featuring a Dirty Pair preview --so I'm glad to see they'll carry on the tradition; hopefully it'll continue to introduce comics readers to manga (and perhaps vice-versa).     
If you want a couple of slightly educated guesses on what manga might appear in DHP-- Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, which Dark Horse Entertainment managed to get a movie deal on, seems like a likely bet. CLAMP's works are always a possibility, and Dark Horse has been releasing omnibus editions of their titles. And I'd hope to see the Yoshitaka Amano-illustrated project Shinjuku previewed there as well. 
But that's all speculation and wishing, of course! Do any of you guys remember picking up physical copies of Dark Horse Presents? I'm looking forward to 'em myself!
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Nice cover art...I have not heard of DHP before, but I will look into it and see if it is any good.
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Yeah same comment really, I haven't heard about it but my housemate has.
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