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  • New 20th anniversary omnibus editions for CLAMP's manga Chobits and Card Captor Sakura, a la the Clover book they just released. Chobits in spring 2010, in two volumes (originally eight), Card Captor Sakura will be four large vvolumes. Magic Knight Rayearth will also have two books of both MKR1 and MKR2. <3
  • Dark Horse Entertainment, the film division of the company, has announced a Kurogane Corpse Delivery Service movie!


I'm a bit early, I know, but I wanted to get ready for the Dark Horse panel, which is starting in about ten minutes. Stay tuned!
Now, as I mentioned earlier, this is going to focus on their comics as well as their manga, but I'll post anything that seems of general interest.
Okay, we're running a liiiiiittle bit late (just as well-- I ran into an old friend from college!),  But here we go...Director of Publicity Jeremy Atkins is here, as well as president and founder Mike Richardson.
They're partnering with Challenge Games for a virtual TCG. (Dark Horse original works, surely, not licensed works.)
Oh, cool-- the guy from My Chemical Romance, who also did Dark Horse's Umbrella Academy comic, Gerard Way, is here. If you didn't know, he's a real dyed-in-the-wool, honest-to-god comic geek, not some rock star who wanted a licensed comic, so it's really cool. He's going to do another comic called The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
Apparently they have a new project with Janet Evanovich, author of the Stephanie Plum books, on a new graphic novel adaptation of Alexandra Barnaby.
They'll be releasing Jet Scott, a Jerry Robinson/Sheldon Stark "lost science fiction masterwork."
They have a comics project with Mass Effect 2, which they're calling "their next big license" a la Star Wars and Aliens and all that.  They've got the game's lead writer, whose name I didn't catch and who is also going to be work on the comic project, which is pretty cool, especially for fans of the game.
Mike Mignola is launching a new book with a new character, unrelated to Hellboy, and it's called Baltimore-- based on some of Mignola's other writings. An occult detective towards the end of his career. That's pretty cool! They've also got a new Joss Whedon project, a comic based on his The Cabin in the Woods, which will come out right after the movie comes out-- plus new Dr. Horrible comics! Woo!;
The creator of The Goon is up talking about a Metalocalypse crossover project-- Dethklock vs the Goon, and a series of Dethklok comics, for you Adult Swim fans.
FINALLY SOME MANGA! Dark Horse talks up how they're the longest-running manga publisher in the US, etc. First off, some CLAMP news: 20th Anniversary omnibus plans a la Clover for Chobits and Card Captor Sakura. Woot! Also Magic Knight Rayearth.
Dark Horse Entertainment, the movie division, is up talking about the Umbrella Academy movie in the works. But I spy KUROSAGI CORPSE DELIVERY SERVICE on the screen too! <3 It's with Universal.
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Oh sweet omnibus of Magic Knight Rayearth. I never picked that up so now I have more incentive woot.
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No love for Kurogane Corpse Delivery Service? Clearly I need to do a big fat profile of that one for you guys, because it's too good to miss.
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@gia: I have to admit I've never read it.  It was always on my list of "manga I'll pick up someday when I have some money" and I currently have no money, so that list is growing without any of the titles being read. :(  A movie would be nice though, since it's a whole lot cheaper than a dozen volumes of manga.
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I have read Kurosagi; three volumes, in fact. It was pretty decent. Although, I feel that its "Corpse-of-the-Week" stories would probably lend themselves better to a TV series. Isn't CBS looking to add another procedural show to their lineup?

I anticipate that a film will probably not take place in Japan. That is, unless DH is in bed with a Japanese committee about to produce a film version for Japanese audiences.

Btw, did DH mention EDEN: It's an Endless World at all at their Comic-Con panel? The twelfth volume ships this week (whoo-hoo!).
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