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A Dark Bring is a evil magical stones that have variable magic and comes in many shapes with different names. These stone can corrupt and turn the user into evil, or even more evil than they already were. They have a variety of capabilities from physical to magical enhancements.


All Dark Bring come from Mother Sinclair (the source of all Dark Brings). It's power comes in various evil forms, but to be used properly the user must have evil intentions in their heart. From having the power to turn someone intangible to destroying one-tenth of the known world, the Dark Bring power rivals that of even the Holy Bring.

Types of Dark Brings

Georco, First Seen User of the Dark Bring
Georco, First Seen User of the Dark Bring

The Dark Bring's power comes out in many ways, from elemental magic to physical powers, it all depends on what best fits the user.

In Rave Master: Episode #1, we see a Demon Card member named Georco was using a small piece of Dark Bring to become smoke, thus making him intangible. He could also expel poison as gases that nearly choked Elie, Plue, and Haru to death. This is an example of transforming oneself with a Dark Bring.

Go, User of Elemental-Type Dark Bring Attacks
Go, User of Elemental-Type Dark Bring Attacks

One of the most common uses of the power is to manipulate and create elemental attack. For example, Go is a character that uses the Dark Bring to attack with thunder-type energy, this being considered an "elemental-type" attack. Also Shuda has an elemental Dark Bring, Valsyar Flame, that uses flames.

Like most Dark Bring users, they have their Dark Bring in their weapons like how Haru uses his Rave and the Ten Commandments. Go also sets a good example in showing that a lot of characters use items or weapons to help direct their Dark Bring power. Go uses his hammer and Shuda uses his sword with their Dark Bring.

Reverse Darkbring

According to Gale Glory, a Reverse Darkbring transform the user into a powerful being, but the user cannot return to their normal state. King has one that is called Monster Prison.

Holy Bring Differences & Similarities

The Dark Bring and the Holy Bring have many differences, but are also very alike in some ways. First off, the user must have some type of evil or dark motivation for the Dark Bring to be at its peak level of power. Anger and frustration are two main emotions that will feed the Dark Bring the negative activity that will trigger its power, perhaps even without the user commanding it. It is also generally accepted that when using the Dark Bring the color purple or black is conjured do to the nature of the energy, just as the Holy Bring gives off a white or bright yellow essence or color do to the nature of its energy.

They are also very similar in various ways, most alike in their workings. Just like the Dark Bring, the Holy Bring can give its power through physical or magical standards. Like in Rave Master: Episode # 1, Haru uses his Rave to smash the ground, causes a small crater to form, showing its physical uses. Then their is also the magical aspects, like when Plue gave the Ten Commandments Sword a magical enhancement when Shiba was fighting against the Dark Bring source, Mother Sinclair.

Similarities in Items

Jewel Form of The Dark Bring
Jewel Form of The Dark Bring

The power that Dark Bring users have are usually carried in various items they have or wear. For instance, the first Dark Bring user Georco wore a necklace with a piece of Dark Bring around to hold his power. Go, the thunder user, carries his power in the hammer he uses in battle. This is also the same case for many Holy Bring users, and even the Rave Master. There isn't any record of someone using the power of either brings without having some type of item or object to focus and direct the magic.

Creation of Dark Bring and Rave

On the day of converging time, Dark Bring are created on this day each year. Compared to the Rave, Resha creates the Rave on the same day as well. Rave and Dark Bring are like light and dark, two sides of a coin. In Tower of Din arc, the ritual to create Dark Bring is called Enclaim. Two Dark Brings are created during Enclaim which are Decalogue and End of Earth.

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Thing Name Dark Bring
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Aliases Shadow Stone (English Dub)
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1st anime episode: Rave Master #1
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