Dark Blue Moon

Dark Blue Moon is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders that was released on 05/09/2014

Plot Summary

Out in the high seas, Joseph tells his grandson and Noriaki to change out of their school uniforms. Onee of the men find a young stowaway who wanted to see his father in Singapore. The stowaway bites the young man and jumps in the sea. Noriaki is concerned about the stowaway's safety when there are sharks swimming in the water. Jotaro uses Platinum Star to beat up the shark. When he tries to grab the stowaway, he touches the stowaway's chest and realizes it's a girl. A Stand emerges from the shark and lunges at Jotaro. Noriaki's Hierophant Green grabs Jotaro and the young girl. The young girl pulls out a knife and challenges them to a fight. The captain comes from behind and grabs the little girl. He confirms that he had checked all ten men's identities. After the captain pulls out Jotaro's cigarette and puts it out by rubbing it on Jotaro's hat, Jotaro accuses the captain of being a Stand user by tricking ever Stand user to raise their hand up to their nose.

The fake captain confirms that he disposes of the real captain in Hong Kong. Once he kidnaps the girl, he boasts about his advantage and jumps into the sea. Jotaro's Platinum Star quickly pummels Dark Blue Moon and rescues the young girl. He realizes there are acorn barnacle growing on Platinum Star, draining his strength. While Jotaro falls into the sea, Noriaki saves the young girl. Deep in the sea, Dark Blue Moon smashes the propeller of the ship before creating a whirlpool to prevent Jotaro from reaching the surface. Noriaki and the others try to jump to save Jotaro, but they cannot enter the sea due to sharp scales rotating in the whirlpool. As Dark Blue Moon prepares to finish Jotaro who pretends to be limp, Platinum Star uses Star Finger to defeat Dark Blue Moon because Dark Blue Moon breaks some of acorn barnacle on Platinum Star's hand. The ship explodes due to having bombs that were planted by the captain. Afterwards, the gang find a boat.

Points of Interest


  • Jotaro's cigarette scene is blacked out because minors in Japan are forbidden to smoke.

List of Stands Used

  • Platinum Star
  • Hierophant Green


  • Japanese Name: Dark Blue Moon "Dāku Burū Mūn" (暗青の月 (ダークブルームーン))
  • Manga Chapter: (Vol. 14)
  • Opening Theme: STAND PROUD
  • Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian

Characters & Voice Actors

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