Darcsen Calamity

Darcsen Calamity is an anime episode of Valkyria Chronicles that was released on 05/16/2009

Plot Summary

When General Damon looks down on General Varrot and her squads, he assigns her and Squad 7 and 1 to a mission in Barious desert for reconnaissance since the Imperials are reported to be seen in the area. In Barious desert, Ramal finds Largo and the others gambling, and Largo tells him to stop being stiff. Then, Ramal goes out to speak with Faldio in private, but he shouts out that Squad 7 lacks self awareness. Faldio and Welkin asks them to talk about the Darcsen calamity whether the Darcsen destroy Barious. While Isara fixes the car, Alicia, Welkin, and Faldio head for the ruins. Meanwhile, Selvaria slits her palm and activates a mechanism inside the ruins. Alicia accidentally touches the stone spiral on the wall, and it opens. The group bumps into Selvaria and Maximilian.

Points of Interest

  • Zaka makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Ramal expresses a tsundere tendency when he remarks that he didn't come here for Isara. When Isara asks him what he said, Ramal quickly shuts his mouth.

Characters & Voice Actors

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