Danzo's Right Arm

Danzo's Right Arm is an anime episode of Naruto Shippuden that was released on 04/28/2011
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Five Kage Summit Arc

Danzo's Right Arm - ダンゾウの右腕 (Danzō no Migiude)


Opening Theme-

"Lovers" by 7

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Danzo's Right Arm covered in Sharingans
Danzo's Right Arm covered in Sharingans

As Gaara told Naruto what happened at the Five Kage Summit relating to Sasuke, Naruto was left shocked and speechless. Kakashi asked Yamato to take Naruto back to the village and decided to get to Sakura and stop her, knowing that Sakura intended to kill Sasuke herself, Kakashi asked Sai to take him to her and stop her as she is no match for Sasuke. as Naruto Reminisces on the many attempts to stand up for Sasuke, he gets so depressed that he collapses and begins to have a panic attack, and is hyperventilating.

Danzo's special shuriken attack
Danzo's special shuriken attack

The action switches to Sasuke, who is facing Danzo. Danzo reveals his right arm, covered in multiple sharingan. Sasuke asks him where he get all the eyes, but Danzo refused to tell. Sasuke then asks him if Itachi's elimination the Uchiha village was by by the orders of the Konoha elders. Danzo gives a roundabout explanation, explaining Itachi's desire to keep the truth away from Sasuke, and not being a man to tell secrets. Sasuke became further enraged by this, resulting in Sasuke unleashing his Susano'o at a higher level than before, making it grow muscle and flesh as it and grabs him, then seemingly crushing him.

Sasuke slashes Danzo
Sasuke slashes Danzo

Initilly they assumed Danzo to be dead, but then he suddenly appeared behind everyone, and the two finally clash and begin the fight.Karin was taken off guard by Danzo's tactics, using a stange tachnique that didn't cause any change in chakra levels like a gengistu or shadow clone would. Sasuke then attacks using Ameratasu, and hits Danzo at close range, but is revealed to be another fake. Danzo unleashes Wind Chakra - Vacuum Wind Bullet, shooting Sasuke in the arm. As Sasuke got away, he summoned a giant eagle. Karin notices one of the eyes slowly closing. Danzo tells sasuke, despite having the same eyes and jutsu as his brother, what they percieve is so different, and he makes the Uchiha's sacrifice meaningless. Sasuke, futher angered, rushes towards Danzo, who unleashes Wind Style - Vacuum Blast.

Itachi back from the dead?
Itachi back from the dead?

Sasuke still rushes to danzo, who then threw in Lieu of a dust screen, a chakra-infused shuriken, which however, Sasuke caught with his sword, and sued it to deflect the other shuriken coming.The eagle caught the deflectes shuriken, and he then threw the first one back at danzo, whorushed at Sasuke, grabbing him by his throat. Hegot his right arm sliced off by the eagle's shuriken, and he slashed by Sasuke. However, as another eye on his arm closed, it was revealed to be another illusion.

Danzo reappears on top of a pillar, but gets caught in Sasuke's gengitsu, making it seem as if many crows appear through Sasuke's body.the crows manifest itself as Itachi and appears behind Danzo, leaving in shock thinking Itachi has returned.

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