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Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic is an anime movie in the Dante's Inferno Franchise
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Dante’s Inferno: To Film Roman Hell and Back Reviewed by GrandMarshal on Feb. 13, 2010. GrandMarshal has written 3 reviews. His/her last review was for Ghost Stories. 7 out of 7 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
 A friend of mine somehow convinced me to watch the Dante’s inferno anime with them. I really didn’t want to watch this because I believed it was going to be terrible mainly because I heard it was going to be animated by the company Film Roman, that instantly sets off warning bells as I’m reminded of the true hell Dead Space: Downfall (hellishly awful.) Which I was convinced to watch by the same friend and I want that hour and a half of my life back. I loved the Dead Space game but the animated movie was awful. The story was dull and the animation was even worse. Film Roman isn’t the company you want to turn a great game into an anime, for one there based in California and one more thing... THEY MADE TOM AND JERRY THE MOVIE!!! They destroyed Dead Space and almost destroyed this anime as well. Luckily Dante’s Inferno is one of those anime projects that is created by multiple animation studios, since the animatrix and halo legends got everyone thinking that’s the cool thing to do.  Most of these studios are actually dam good at making anime. As Dante progresses through the 9 different circles of hell different studios and directors pick up the story and do their own thing.

The introduction to the story and first circle of hell is produced by Film Roman. They somehow messed up what was a fairly strong intro in the game. The first mistake they make apart from there crappy animation. Which reminds me of the bible story animations I was shown at school. Is that in the game Dante fought death, kills him (somehow) and steals his scythe to use against the minions of hell. That’s right in the game Dante kills THE GOD DAM GRIM REAPER!!! In the anime he just finds some door to hell and walks through it or something, I can’t remember it’s so boring and looks so bad. Even though there’s boobs and blood everywhere Film Roman almost ruins Dante’s Inferno. Luckily there then bitch slapped away never to be seen again as the other studios step in wearing their big grown up pants.

The studios that work on the rest of the anime are Manglobe, Dongwoo Animation, JM Animation and Production I.G. At this point I start asking why was Film Roman allowed a part of this film. I can’t even count how many amazing anime the other studios have made. All that matters is they all do a good job on this movie. Theres also a ton of famous anime directors that step in like  Shuko Murase.

Dante’s Inferno is a story of revenge and redemption, as Dante descends through hell the devil shows Dante flash backs to the sins he and his family have done in the past to do the classic devil thing of getting people to doubt there resolve and some of these flash backs are intense. I won’t spoil it but Dante does some messed up thing to some people.

All the studios do their own style of Dante fighting demons and there are plenty of great fight scenes.  The voice acting is brilliant; there is a tone of famous voices actors from other anime. Such as the devil is voiced by Steven Blum (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop) and he does a great job at being evil. Also Dante’s father is voiced by Mark Hamil (The Joker from Batman Arkham Asylum) which he did a good job at being basically the greediest person in the world but I couldn’t take him too seriously because I just kept thinking I was watching the Joker give batman a speech.  

I also found it hard to take the move as seriously as it deserves from its dark story, this is because of two reasons. The first being that every studio animated Dante so differently. In one version he looks a lot like Guts from Berserk and in another he looks like the incredible hulk.
Also the violence can sometimes just be way over the top, sometimes people have gruesome deaths that make you pray you don’t ever go to hell, other times its just ridicules like people who were greedy being drowned in liquid gold.  There are some really disturbing scenes and I don’t mean just violent ones, there’s a lot bad things involving women’s unmentionable areas. It’s too nasty to write here so if you want to be disturbed and possibly be put off women you will have to watch the movie.

I really thought this movie was going to burn in hellfire like Dead Space: Downfall but I am so glad that Dante’s Inferno is a really good movie. Apart from the truly lack lackluster intro it’s an entertaining movie and shows that using multiple studios to produce one piece of work can work. Unless it’s Halo Legends which so far hasn’t been any good, but that still has some episodes left too air so there’s still some hope.
There’s a lesson to be learnt from this movie and that is no matter how good the source content for an anime or movie is it’s up to the director and production crew to make it good.

Overall - 7/10
Story – 5/5
Action – 3/5
Music - 3/5
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