England Rolls out a Red Carpet for Dante

Topic started by gia on Jan. 20, 2010. Last post by Konanda 5 years ago.
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So, the Dante's Inferno anime does look like it could be cool, even if I'm hearing pretty mixed stuff about the game itself, but...will the anime be big enough to do a red carpet splash?

Apparently so in England-- then again, stereotypically speaking Europeans are so much better at appreciating European stuff (the game isn't, but the original Dante's Inferno was written by an Italian, remember!). There's going to be a big premiere event for the Dante's Inferno anime production, which is a collection of six shorts mostly by studios in Japan and South Korea. Those who attend will also get a chance to play the game and get a goody bag.
I know we have a few UK-based readers. Any of you wanna go and report back for us? The event is at 7:30pm on Tuesday, February 2nd at the Piccadilly Circus Apollo Theater on Regent St, and tickets cost £13.00 (about $21 USD)-- but did I mention you get a goodie bag?    
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I'll get it out of the way and say I won't be able to make it. Trailer was fun to watch though.
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I've heard little about this game. Just some passing comments that it's like a watered down God of War, but with more breasts. I've also seen some preview clips of the game. Did the programmers really think people play God of War and think, "Gee, this is fun, but I wish there were more boobies."?
Darksiders was also very God of War-ish, but at least it added something in the Zelda like questing and puzzle dungeons.
This is my problem with video games. Someone does something fun, then everyone has to make a clone of it. Such as with Grand Theft Auto, GTA. Now every game has to have the open world of GTA.
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English people are weird. lol. im Scottish by the way.
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You think the Italians would step it up to roll out the red carpet rather than the English. Or maybe they think this is blasphemy...  At least the anime looks like it has some promise. *crosses fingers*
@FoxxFireArt: I've heard the same. Therefore since I'm not a God of War fan, I don't think I'll be playing this game. I wonder what part of the gaming demographic playing this game actually knows the story of Dante or at the very least vaguely familiar with the name and premise.
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The only thing I'm interested in this game is for the premise of the story.
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@FoxxFireArt: The theme behind dante's inferno will never really get old. Just mentioning God of War alone, I'd honest guess that a large part of the appeal comes from its proximity to a colorful mythos. The game, in of itself never really "moved" me otherwise
Same way I feel about this.
Though I'm hoping the anime is watchable, since that'll be pure story.
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Very true. Though I don't think most will even realize that there is a deeper tale behind the use of Dante's Inferno. No way I will buy this game. I "may" rent it just to see how the story plays out. I'll play Darksiders first. It has a biblical theme that is quite interesting. You also get Zelda like game play with the world and the puzzles. It basically plays like a mature Zelda.
The anime reminds me of when they had those Batman short films.
God of War is just epic. Even back on the PS2 they had amazing settings. So lush and expansive. You felt like you were in some place huge. Like in the first game and you are on a castle placed on a Titan's back. I'm itching to see what God of War III has in store.
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 The guys at Penny Arcade sum it up pretty well if you don't want to read what I've said than look no further than this image. 

This is to Moby Dick as Dante's Inferno is to Part 1 of the Divine Comedy, Inferno.
This is to Moby Dick as Dante's Inferno is to Part 1 of the Divine Comedy, Inferno.


Just so you know the story in no way resembles the original Inferno. The only thing that they took from the Divine Comedy is Dante's name, Virgil's name and an adaptation of the circles of hell. With a few references to historical figures Dante mentions as appearing in that circle. At least they seem to keep the centre of hell having Lucifer frozen although I imagine they will butcher his actual design to make it more edgy or some other bullshit. Oh and they include Beatrice's name even though she doesn't appear until Paradiso and isn't mentioned until the last few lines of Purgatorio. But hey when you are basically making a game with nothing to do with the source material I guess that's ok. 
Also if you've played the demo you can see how flimsy the actual story is being their version of Dante
is off killing muslims during the Third Crusade, dies and ends up realizing the church lied to him is enraged when Death comes to take him so he kills Death with Death's own scythe, returning home Dante finds Lucifer has taken Beatrice so he can be free of Hell. So he gets pissed off and runs after him to the gates of Hell, where he meets Virgil who promises to guide him to Beatrice. Queue exploring the 9 circles of Hell fighting a boss at the end of each one (presuembly based on a historical figure Dante mentioned to be there in the Divine Comedy) with Lucifer himself as the end enemy. Rescuing the princess, I mean Beatrice you go back and celebrate under the covers or something. Oh and based on some of the later trailers, you face some of the bad shit you did as a Templar, (since you know Dan Brown and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series haven't shown that they were shady already) like a former comrade who's now is a boss in Hell.

I mean maybe they'll throw some twist in there or two cliched endings probably depending on if you powered up your holy attacks (you find a magic cross)* or the unholy ones (you aquire Death's Scythe)* more. It would be cool to see a suprise I guess. I assume they'll try to make a sequel, although I don't know what they would rip off since I don't see a reasion why they would bring their version of Dante to Purgatory. 
 The only part of this game I think remotely stands out is having Steven Blum as the voice of Lucifer because I'm curious how he would do that roll. In terms of character action games I'm pretty good with Bayonetta right now myself, If I wanted a game like that that but took itself more seriously, (even if it is so ridiculously over the top) that incorporates some references to ancient mythology into it I'd play God of War. Although I will note having gone through the first couple chapters in Bayonetta I've seen no less than 4 references to Norse mythology, wether this factors into the story remains to be seen but based on what people have said of the story I doubt it. I mean they still are shoving in some made up story from old material but at least they try to incorporate it well instead of just relying on the name of something much better than what the developers made. Anyway the whole point of this game is the developers noticed noboy had done a version of God of War yet for the 360 and decided to capitalize on the lack of a true clone (the control scheme is exactly the same on the PS3) so they made this game.
Having played the game itself I will say it's a poor ripoff of God of War, which itself is a decent take on Devil May Cry except with Greek mythology thrown in.

*note both of these occur in the first 10 minutes or so of the demo with the latter in the first 5, so I wouldn't call them spoilers especially when it's just a weapon.
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