Dantalian no Shoka Characters

Dantalian no Shoka is an anime series in the Dantalian no Shoka franchise
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The commanding officer of the Air Force Hugh Anthony Disward served under.

Armand Jeremiah

Hugh Anthony Disward's friend who was a part of the same Air Force as him back when he was a pilot.

Camilla Sauer Keynes

Hugh Anthony Disward's childhood friend. She is a teacher and has the tendency of wearing odd clothes she has brought with her from "The New World".

Christabel Sistine

A doll created by Dallaglio Hayward who can play the violin. She can perform the violin sonatas "Utopia" and "Twilight" by the fictional composer Guillermo Baldini.


Black yomihime (読姫?, literally "reading princess"). She is the custodian of "Dantalian's Bookshelf" housing 900,666 gensho (幻書?, literally "phantom books").

Dallaglio Hayward

A musician and the one who created Christabel.


Gin Yomihime (The Silver Reading Princess). She is the custodian of the Long-Lost Library, and Hal Kamhout is her Keykeeper.

Hal Kamhout

Hal Kamhout is Flamberge's Keykeeper, and he calls himself the "Libricide Officer". Hal owns a staff called the "Staff of Surtr", which uses Phantom Books as fuel to produce fire.

Hugh Anthony Disward

He`s a young man who is searching for the book called the Bibliotheca of Dantalian.

Lenny Lents

Author of the novel titled "Crown of the Dog Days", who was mysteriously killed before completing the final installment of his trilogy.

Paula Dickinson

A big fan of the author, Lenny Lents. She was also one of editors.


Rasiel's Keykeeper.


Aka Yomihime (The Red Reading Princess). She is the the custodian of the Bibliotheca Razielis Archangeli.

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