Danger! The Virgin's First Love

Danger! The Virgin's First Love is an anime episode of Golden Boy that was released on

Lesson 3: Danger! The Virgin's First Love

Kintaro Oe finds himself working part time in a noodle shop as the store's owner recovers from an injury. As he becomes practically one of the family, he notices a local building developer Nogure take a sudden interest in their daughter Noriko. Is there more than meets the eye with this illustrious pleasant playboy?

Plot Summary

Kintaro has moved on to a locally owned noodle shop to work part time while the owner recovers from injuries sustained by a hit and run accident. Kintaro practically becomes one of the family as he learns the trade from the owner of the store. Despite some mixed reviews from the customers, they all believe Kintaro has it in him to be a great worker. Kintaro also becomes good friends with the store's daughter Noriko who has a passion for flowers. As she comes in to work in the kitchen, a man named Nogure comes by to drop off a get well gift for the family as it was him that supposedly helped the owner after he was hit by a car. Nogure shows off his expensive car to Noriko as he requests that she join him on one of his boats later on.

Nogure has something evil up his sleeve...and its not that girl
Nogure has something evil up his sleeve...and its not that girl

Before Noriko goes, she gives Kintaro a flower arrangement she made for him earlier in the day. Going through the different flowers, she reveals that she wants to arrange flowers like this for the person she loves one day. Kintaro knows that it will be soon as Noriko goes off on her date. She is smitten by the wealth and charm of Nogure but is taken aback when he asks her to marry him out of the blue. She requests time to think about it as she leaves. Kintaro goes home after a bath and notices Nogure talking with someone from the red light district as he follows him and his mistress to his car. Nogure talks about his plan to marry Noriko, bump off her father, take the building for himself and demolish it to expand his business, then divorce Noriko. He also states that it was his mistress that nearly killed Noriko's father.

Kintaro writes it all down though before confronting Nogure on it, begging for him not to do that to Noriko. Instead of listening, Nogure pummels Kintaro and threatens to kill him if he says anything about what he heard. The next day, he goes back to work despite being injured and lying about it. He hears how Noriko is going on another date with Nogure and follows them discreetly to the horse track. Nogure tries to seduce Noriko but Kintaro is able to push him away without revealing his presence. Unfortunately, Nogure is none the wiser and begins to make out with Kintaro, unaware of anything. Noriko politely rejects Nogure as she still needs to think about it.

Back at the house, Noriko is watering the plants as she asks Kintaro to stay with her family forever. She also reveals that she is leaning towards marrying Nogure. Kintaro protests and calls Nogure a pervert, not realizing he said that out loud as well as not telling Noriko what happened earlier. Noriko becomes angry by Kintaro's accusation and leaves, showing that she had begun to arrange flowers for Nogure. She goes out for a walk later that night in hopes of finding Nogure. She finally hears him on a bridge as Kintaro has returned to Nogure and his mistress, asking them to not go through with their plans. Nogure threatens to kill him until he notices that Noriko heard everything.

Kintaro tries to play off the situation and make Nogure look good for Noriko's sake but she knows better before running off. Kintaro and Nogure chase after her as Nogure aims to attack Kintaro again. Instead, Kintaro shows that he knows a few moves as he is able to take down Nogure in two hits. He calls him scum before leaving.

Kintaro bids his surrogate family farewell before leaving
Kintaro bids his surrogate family farewell before leaving

A few days pass as Noriko's father has recovered from his injuries and Kintaro prepares to leave. He tries to apologize to Noriko who invites him in, forgiving him for what happened. She shows him a new flower arrangement as he remembers that she wanted to give it to the person she loves. Noriko becomes shy about who they are for but Kintaro politely tells her they should be for the person she loves and has similar interests. Kintaro is begged by the family to stay but he tells them its time to move on. It is shown that the arrangement of flowers was for him. (Whether he knew Noriko made them for him or he was oblivious to it is unknown)

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuya Egawa Original Concept Former Math Teacher who quit after five months to start in career in the field of Manga.
Toshihiro Kawamoto Character Artist/Designer
Hiroyuki Kitakubo Director
Hiroyuki Morita Storyboard
Kazufumi Nomura Producer Producer for various anime series.


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