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Earthman Shapiro Keats betrays his own race and switches his allegiance to the space emperor Muge Zolbados. Earth's last hope is the Dancougar team, which harnesses the power of Terran beasts to fight with its combining giant robot. Carefully repeating the formula established by Battle of the Planets and director Okuda's earlier Gobarian, Dancougar features leader Shinobu (pilot of the Eagle Fighter), love interest Sarah and her Land Cougar, youngster Masato in the Land Liger, and big-guy Ryo, pilot of the Mammoth. Battles rage across the Amazon Basin, New York, and Europe before a final showdown between Sarah and Shapiro in the asteroid belt.

As the series closed, 60 minutes of recycled footage was augmented with 30 new minutes to make the Requiem for Lost Heroes video. Toshitaro Oba's all-new God Bless Dancougar was the best-selling anime video of 1987 (released in the U.K. as plain Dancougar), foreshadowing Patlabor 2 with its postseries look at the team training new recruits. Framed by a military cartel, they are imprisoned but rescued by their students and a short-lived suicide squad of black knights (who also appeared in episode 26 of the TV series). The usual robot action is punctuated by completely incongruous musical interludes (Shinobu wants to be a pop star), perhaps recycled footage from the 1985 Songs from the Beast Machine Team video special.

The team's last appearance was in the four-part 1989 video series White Hot Final Chapter, when they are dragged out of retirement to resist a new threat from planet Delado, with Shapiro pulling strings from behind the scenes.

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General Information Edit
Name Dancougar
Romaji: Choju Kishin Dancougar
Publisher Production Reed
Start Year 1985
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Aliases Super-Bestial Machine God Dancougar
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