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Ahiru is a duck, who is also a girl, who is also princess Tutu; she is charged with the task of returning Prince Mytho his heart, piece by piece.

Akira Mimasaka


Fakir spends his time watching over his friend, Mytho, in order to protect him. He comes off as cold and rude, initially.


A once heroic prince, Mytho is left emotionless after an encounter with an evil crow.

Rue Kuroha

She begins by being in a relationship with Mytho, but as her relationship becomes threatened she transforms into Princess Kraehe in order to thwart Princess Tutu.

Rui Hanazawa

The quiet member of the F4 on which Tsukushi has a crush. Rui often plays the violin and has feelings for supermodel Shizuka Toudou.

Shizuka Todo

Shizuka is a childhood friend of the F4. She wishes to become a lawyer and studies in France. Rui is in love with her.

Sojiro Nishikado

A member of the F4. Tsukushi's best friend falls in love with him.

Tsukasa Domyoji

Domyouji is the arrogant and spoiled leader of the F4. He gives red tags to people on school that he doesn't like. When he starts picking on a poor girl called Tsukushi Makino, he falls deeply in love with her.

Tsukushi Makino

Tsukushi is a poor girl attending a school for rich people, Eitoku Gakuen. There, she manages to get a red tag from the F4 and becomes the target of the entire school. She falls in love with F4 member Rui, while F4 leader Tsukasa falls in love with her.


A toddler-like doll that helps Ahiru and her cohorts in Edel's place.

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