Dance With Undershaft Phase.2

Dance With Undershaft Phase.2 is an anime episode of Jormungand: Perfect Order that was released on 10/23/2012

A firefight breaks out in the city as Jonah and Koko spot their CIA pursuers. R rushes back to the scene to help while Bookman tries to get Hex to stop. However, Hex stops listening to him, claiming that Koko has to die because Bookman can't control her.

While in cover, R admits that he was a mole for the CIA, and that he'll leave the team as soon as this job's over. With Jonah injured, R uses Bookman's help to hijack a nearby car and help them escape, then shoots at Hex. He manages to take out an eye, but Hex shoots him in the head just as R's backup finally arrives.

Later on, as Koko and her crew are mourning R's loss, Hex manages to escape into a cave in Afghanistan. She hears a B-2 bomber flying overhead shortly before it carpet-bombs the entire area, taking her down with her two remaining comrades.

At a hastily-erected gravesite, Bookman finally meets face-to-face with Koko, apologizing for Hex and trying to get some more information about HCLI's satellite network. He thinks to himself about how he plans to tame her, but also remember's Hex's words that she can't tamed.

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