Dance With Undershaft Phase.1

Dance With Undershaft Phase.1 is an anime episode of Jormungand: Perfect Order that was released on 10/16/2012

R looks back on parts of his past between himself and George Black (a.k.a. "Bookman"). Meanwhile, Bookman talks about Hex's past where she was part of a disbanded unit of all-female warriors that the American Army attempted to use, and on top of that her fiance was killed in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11/01.

The CIA later approached Hex with an offer to join them as part of a paramilitary operations unit, and she accepted. However, she started to cross the boundaries of what even the CIA was willing to allow, and Bookman decided to supervise her personally to keep her from going overboard.

Also, it turns out that Hex tried to kill Koko once before, but because of a fallen soldier named "Echo," Koko was able to escape, telling her with his dying words to keep smiling, whatever happened.

Later, R rejoins the team and trains with Koko's entourage, as Koko negotiates a deal somewhere in the Czech Republic. Upon arriving there, R quickly discovers that the meeting is a setup, and that Hex's team is there. He begs Bookman to call off the mission as Hex prepares to take revenge on Koko by killing Jonah.

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