Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund is an anime series in the Dance in the Vampire Bund franchise
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Dance in the Vampire Bund revolves around the character of Mina Tepes, princess of all vampires who deals with vampire-human relation issues.


Mina Tepes, the princess of all vampires, decides to create a kingdom for all vampires in the world. She initialize her plan by paying off all of Japan's nation debt with all treasure the royal family had. After doing the next step Mina took was to create a man-made island known as "The Bund"

Somewhere else in Japan, there is a boy named Akira Kaburagi, a boy from werewolf tribes. Werewolves are the protectors of vampires mainly during the daytime when vampires can't move around. However for Akira, his has special job, a job that is far more responsible than any other, to be a bodyguard of Mina Tepes all the time.

However all doesn't end well for Mina, as a ruler she has solve various issues that comes across her path. The first one she must solve is the conflict between both human and vampires. Humans of course do no not like the idea of coexisting with vampires, which creates numerous problems for Mina, but also threatens her life as well. Some humans have taken political approach to remove vampires off the sea of Japan, even thought they are the ones who paid off the national debt. Some have taken more direct and violent approach such as assassination or suicide bombing. On the other side, the vampires also cause troubles. The vampires consider themselves as dominant species and wish to dominate all the human beings. However Mina doesn't allow them from doing so. Despite Mina's action the vampires secretes go out of the Bund and hunt down innocent humans. Both Mina and Akira teams up with their own special forces to hunt down any dangerous vampires.

As story progress, it turns out political problems aren't the only problem they will be faced against, for they also have their own social problems as well. Both Mina and Akira goes to same school, but a girl named Yuki Saegusa loves Akira. However due to being a werewolf and the Mina's bodyguard, he has no choice but to reject her love. As if that wasn't harsh enough for them, it turns out that Akira also loves both Yuki and Mina.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 12
Dance in the Vampire Bund
1 - 11
1 - 10
1 - 9
Lost Boy
1 - 8
Near Dark
1 - 7
Innocent Blood
1 - 6
From Dusk 'Til Dawn
1 - 5
Shadow of Vampire
1 - 4
Interview With Vampire
1 - 3
Teen Wolf
1 - 2
1 - 1
Prom Night

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Akiyuki Shinbo
Nozomu Tamaki

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General Information Edit
Name Dance in the Vampire Bund
Name: ダンスインザヴァンパイアバンド
Romaji: Dansu in za Vanpaia Bando
Publisher Shaft
Start Year 2010
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