Dan Hibiki

Dan Hibiki is a anime/manga character in the Street Fighter franchise
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Dan Hibiki is a character in the video game series Street Fighter. He is an overconfident yet weak fighter who uses his own style of fighting, called Saikyo style which literally means "strongest style".

Videogame Background

Dan originated in a piece of official art by Capcom depicting the character Sagat holding an unconscious pony-tailed figure in an orange karate gi. In the later Street Fighter Alpha videogame, this scene was recreated as an introductiory sequence for Sagat, but his unfortunate victim was also turned into a playable character named Dan, whose techniques resembled Ryu & Ken's. Dan is an intentionally poor character, designed as a parody of the Art of Fighting fighting game series by Capcom's rival company SNK. As well as physically resembling AoF's heroes Ryo & Robert, some of Dan's moves are modelled after their, like his short-range projectile, flurry of attacks super and his unrestricted taunting.

Dan's backstory is that he is the son of a martial artist killed by Sagat, and seeks revenge upon the Muay Thai master. He originally trained under Ryu & Ken's master Gouken, but was expelled when his motives became apparent. Dan then turned to self-training, and began developing his flashy but impractical style. Dan is a horrendously overconfident but mediocre martial artist, and tends to have an overemotional demeanour. He is also an old friend of Blanka, the two having apparently met when Dan got lost in Brazil.

Appearances in Anime

Street Fighter Alpha (2000/2001)

Dan appears twice, relatively briefly in this OVA. He is beaten rather badly by Vega in a tournament that Ryu participates in. He later resurfaces in the tournament hosted by the mad scientist Sadler, and is again trounced, this time by Birdie.

Appearances in Manga

Sakura Ganbaru

Taking an interest in Sakura, a high school girl who he believes has talent for martial arts, Dan instructs her in various fighting precepts. While his inflated opinion of himself is still apparent in this manga, Dan demonstrates solid understanding of some of the fundamentals of martial arts and seems a capable teacher. As well as helping Sakura to develop her skills, he also accompanies her on her later quest to travel the world and find Ryu, the martial artist who inspired her. The two eventually part ways when they encounter Sagat in Thailand; Sakura takes directions from Sagat to find Ryu, while Dan remains behind to try and avenge his father.

General Information Edit
Name: Dan Hibiki
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation
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Attractive Male
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Unarmed Combat
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