Which Shonen Series has the Most Damsels in Distress?

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After I posted that weird and embarrassing Is Bleach Sexist? blog, Supreme Marvel, Nishi99, SpeedForceSpider helped me create several lists.

Don't worry, I didn't put too much spoilers, I believe.

Damsels in Distress: Attack on Titan

1. Krista Lenz

Saved by Ymir

2. Sasha Braus

Saved by Mikasa - Supreme Marvel suggested this one.

Damsels in Distress: Beelzebub

She is Beelzebub's wet nurse, and she got kidnapped once. Saved by Oga.
A cute doctor's assistant who got kidnapped in the demon world. Saved by Oga

Damsels in Distress: Bleach

1. Rukia Kuchiki
Got kidnapped in Soul Society Arc.
2. Orihime Inoue
Got kidnapped in the Hueco Mundo Arc, the second major arc in Bleach. Kubo is making a pattern.
3. Senna
My favorite character who I forgot was actually a damsel in her own movie.
4. Rurichiyo Kasumiōji
I don't even remember this little girl, but thank you Bigz007.

Damsels in Distress: Dragon Ball

1. Bulma

In Dragon Ball, she got kidnapped by a flying dinosaur.

2. Chi-Chi
Got kidnapped early in Dragon Ball.
3. Lime
Can't remember who kidnapped her. Gohan saved her.
4. Maron
Krillin's ex needed protection from Garlic Jr.'s men and Krillin's friends.
5. Pan
Grandpa Goku and Trunks had to save her.

Damsels in Distress: Fairy Tail

1. Lucy Heartfilia
Natsu and the guild had to save her in the Phantom Guild arc.
2. Eclair
Can't really say too much without spoiling the movie. Like Senna from Bleach, she was a damsel in her own movie.
3. Juvia Lockser
She was saved by the person she loved and stalked, Gray.

Damsels in Distress: Fullmetal Alchemist

1. Riza Hawkeye
It's a bit weird. Some argue she was a damsel when Roy couldn't grab her from King Bradley.
2. Winry Rockbell
Same with Riza.

Damsels in Distress: Magi the Labyrinth of Magic

1. Tiare
Was molested and kidnapped by a Genie.
2. Toya
Was kidnapped by the Kou Empire.

Damsels in Distress: Mushibugyo

1. Oharu
She is 100% damsel in distress because she gets kidnapped by naughty bugs and spiders.
2. Insect Magistrate
She was a damsel near the end of the anime series.
3. Irori
She was about to get eaten by insects.

Damsels in Distress: Naruto

1. Kushina Uzumaki
Can't say anything because of spoilers.
2. Rin Nohara
Same here.
3. Yukie Fujikaze
Damsel in her own movie
4. Sakura Haruno
Pre timeskip - she couldn't do anything.

Damsels in Distress: One Piece

1. Nami
She was somewhat a damsel in the Arlong arc.
2. Nico Robin
Damsel in the Water Seven arc - I haven't seen this story arc in One Piece yet.
3. Nefertari Vivi
Luffy and the gang had to protect her when they were on a trip to Alabasta.
4. Camie
She's a harpy? I guessing that they put her in a bird cage.
5. Shirahoshi
Guess who saves her, Luffy!

Damsels in Distress: Pokemon

1. Misty
I can't remember, but I know Ash and Brock had to save her.
2. Dawn

Don't remember either. I'm not guessing. It's gut instinct. I think Dawn got kidnapped by Team Rocket or some naughty Pokemon.

Damsels in Distress: Sket Dance

1. Chiaki Takahashi
Saved by Himeko in the past
2. Hime Onizuka
Saved by Bossun and Switch during the first encounter with Momoka.
3. Kikuno Asahina
Saved by her friend Tsubaki

Damsel in Distress: Saint Seiya

1. Saori Kido

Damsels in Distress: Toriko

1. Tina
This was tough. SpeedForceSpider helped me with this one.

Damsels in Distress: Yu Yu Hakusho

Thanks Nishi99 for reminding me about this show.

1. Yukina
Kidnapped by some crazy drug dealers. Yusuke, Hiei, and Kuwabara had to rescue her.
2. Keiko Yukimura
Saved by her boyfriend Yusuke

We're done! If I miss anything, tell me.

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto had the most damsels. I was thinking Bleach because their whole story arcs revolves around damsels.

Stay tuned for Dudes in Distress!

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@takashichea: Athena from Saint Seiya. She is the benchmark for anime/manga damsel in distress. The whole series is based off of young warriors sacrificing themselves to save her.

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LOL so i guess we found out DBZ is the most sexist against women.

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Let's see (some of these may not be shounen, but interesting to think about nontheless):

-Fuu (Samurai Champloo)- She winds up being abducted at several points in the series with Mugen and Jin having to rescue her.

-Rosette and Azmaria (Chrono Crusade)- The former would be kidnapped by Aion later in the series, the latter was kept as sort of a family trophy for years due to her angel power before Chrono and Rosette rescued her.

-Kallen Kozuki (Code Geass)- Winds up being arrested by Britannian forces in the second season of the series.

-Kaname Chidori and Tessa (Full Metal Panic)- The former is abducted early on in Full Metal Panic before Sousuke rescues her. The latter I recall was held hostage by Gauron later on in the anime's first season.

-Many women in Lupin III- Can't recall the exact number since there are so many TV episodes, TV specials, movies and OVAs of the franchise since it debuted as an anime over 40 years, but it easily surpasses any of the listed shounen anime. The franchise often loves to milk the "damsel in distress" cliche for plots to show off Lupin's flirtatious and gentleman side towards women in peril, with Fujiko often finding herself in the role when she gets in over her head on any thefts she attempts. But I guess for the sake of surpassing Dragon Ball (XD), some other notable damsels in the Lupin franchise are Clarisse (Castle of Cagliostro), Murasaki (Plot of the Fuma Clan), Julia (Farewell to Nostradamus), Laura (Lupin III Part II), Princess Yasmin (Lupin III: Part II) and Elen (Island of Assassins).

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Does any situation where a female is rescued count as a damsel in distress? Rise Hawkeye has saved the day many a time for men and women alike, but she needs help once and now she's a damsel in distress?

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@takashichea: Great list

Bleach: Rurichiyo Kasumiōji - saved by Ichigo and his crew. She is a filler character.

One Piece:

I'll try to think of some more. This is all I can think of at the moment.

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I'll add her. Thank you.


That was weird.


I think I added some shows like Attack on Titan that weren't from Shonen themed magazines.


I wasn't in the right mode when I wrote this. I was blowing off steam yesterday. I can't remember Winry or Riza exactly. I'll take them off.


Oh the mermaid! I forgot about her. I still need to catch up to One Piece.

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You could almost put Android 18 in this she had to be rescued by Cell.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to add her.

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Oh crap, I forgot to update this. Sorry guys. I actually deleted most of Damsel in Distress lists. I'll recreate it.

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Nia Teppelin Half the series was dedicated to saving Nia from the Antagonist.

Kaya From One Piece, she had to be save from Kuro I think.

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However that girl in Dragon Ball was that got kidnapped by the demon king, and all the ones Olong (the shapeshifting pig, not sure if the spelling is right) took, which is at least five more.

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Regarding Oolong, I can't add unnamed characters since they don't belong in the wiki database. What girl got kidnapped by the demon king?


Cool, I'll add them. Thanks.

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@takashichea: I can't remember, it was one episode and she looked exactly like another character. It was probably filler anyway.

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