Damala Sky XIII

Damala Sky XIII is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Damala Sky the XIII is the owner and Chef of the restaurant Damala's Curry. He is ranked at an incredible 4th Place in the IGO World Chef ranking.


Not much is known about Damala Sky XIII's origins aside from his achieving 4th place in the world Chef ranking sometime in the past.


Damala Sky XIII is a supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Nothing of note has changed with Damala Sky XIII's character scheme since his introduction.


Damala Sky XIII is a tall man of a seemingly athletic build. He has light skin and long black hair. He has a thin beard yet a long mustache. He has a mechanical lens over his right eye. It's purpose is currently unknown. He is also always seen wearing his yellow Chef uniform and matching Chef hat.


Damala Sky XIII has a calm and quiet type of personality and seems to have fair amount of wisdom. He is respectful and shows admiration for those he respects such as Chef Komatsu.


Setsuno - Nothing has been revealed about the origins of their relationship, but Damala Sky XIII was obviously familiar with Setsuno and was the only Chef present that knew of Setsuno's Pressure Cooker ability.

No notable relationships aside from Setsuno have been observed thus far, but Damala Sky XIII seems to get along with the majority of the top ranked Chefs well.

Story Arcs

Four Beast Arc

Damala Sky XIII arrived at the Center of Human World to assist in the preparation of the Purple Mochi along with his fellow top ranked chefs such as Setsuno, Yuda, Chiru and Livebearer. He witnessed Chef Komatsu simplify the method in less than 10 minutes, which earned his respect. He along with his fellow top ranked Chefs summoned all of their subordinates and disciples and together they prepared 100,000,000 million portions of the Purple Mochi, to cure the 100,000,000 million people poisoned in the Center of Human world by the notorious Four Beast.

Cooking Festival Arc

Damala Sky vs a Red Nitro
Damala Sky vs a Red Nitro

Damala Sky XIII participated in the famed Cooking Festival contest. Damala Sky XIII was one of the chefs to pass all of the preliminary rounds. His first opponent was to be Kopuriko, but before they could proceed with the Championship rounds, they were invaded by the Bishokukai. Damala Sky XIII held his own against a Red Nitro even when his fellow Chefs were dominated by it. But even he was frightened when an army of Scum Beasts came rushing from the sky. But he and his fellow Chefs were saved from death by the timely arrival of Heavenly King Zebra, who annihilated the army in one attack and brutally defeated the Red Nitro that were present.

Billion Bird Arc

Damala Sky XIII was present for the birth of the Billion Bird. Once it had hatched and produced numerous offspring Damala Sky XIII and his fellow top ranked Chefs decided that it was now time to re-open their restaurants since they had to be closed for over a year due to Midora's Meteor Spice destroying most of the food in Human World. They experimented with the Bird and Damala Sky XIII created a "Chicken" Curry out of it.


Damala Sky XIII and the other top Chefs of the World gathered to see the Heavenly Kings and Chef Komatsu off who were heading for Gourmet World so that they could send high class ingredients back to the Human World and top Chefs like Damala Sky would be one of the ones to prepare them.

Powers & Abilities

Chef Skill:

Damala Sky XIII's Curry
Damala Sky XIII's Curry

Damala Sky XIII is regarded as the 4th greatest Chef in the world by the IGO. Despite seemingly not winning the Cooking Festival himself, Damala Sky XIII is ranked above even Chef Yuda who has won the Cooking Festival twice in the past. Furthermore, Damala Sky XIII is one of the few Chefs with the gift of being able to hear the voices of ingredients. His influence in the Culinary World is so high that he commands an army of sorts of 50,000 Chefs.

Hunting Method:

Damala Sky XIII's power scheme has not had much elaboration, however during the Cooking Festival battle, he was shown not to be completely defenseless against the Red Nitro even when fellow Chefs Yuda and Livebearer were completely dominated.


Spice Magic

Spice Magic
Spice Magic

Damala Sky XIII crosses his hands into an X and releases a gold dust. It was able to stun the likes of the Red Nitro.

General Information Edit
Name: Damala Sky XIII
Name: ダマラ スカイ13世
Romanji: Damara Sukai 13-sei
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Curry King
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Attractive Male
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