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Daireisho Archive is a anime/manga location
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The official datacenter of Soul Society.


Daireisho Archive holds records of all information and events taking place throughout Soul Society, regardless of their nature or any individual or organization's desire to not have the information recorded and cataloged. It is located deep in the lower levels of Central 46 and access is extremely restricted to the point that very few people, including captains, have an understanding of how the information is stored or accessed.

Major Story Events

Aizen Researches Kisuke Urahara's Hogyoku and the King's Key

During the Soul Society arc, Aizen went to the Daireisho Archive to to gather information about the Hogyoku, how to extract it from a Gigai and information for creating the King's Key. Ukitake was able to trace Aizen's research trail and use this to determine what his plan was. This information was directly responsible for Soul Society creating the fake Karakura Town that was used as a battleground for Aizen and the Espada's eventual attack.

Unohana Discovers Kageroza Inaba's Scheming

For reasons unknown, Kageroza Inaba, leader of the Reigai army that infiltrated the Gotei 13 up to the highest levels, altered his history in the Daireisho Archive. This was discovered by Unohana, who noted that there was no information about him at all prior to a certain unspecified time and that all information that was available suggested that he was obsessed with the Precipice World and conducted numerous research experiments there by himself.

General Information Edit
Location Name Daireisho Archive
Japanese Name: 大霊書回廊
Romaji Name: Daireishoukairo
Aliases Daireisho Kairou
Great Spirit Record
Great Spirit Book Gallery
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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