Daiju Mononobe

Daiju Mononobe is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Daiju Mononobe is the CEO of Ato Institutes and Selecao Number I as well as the mastermind behind the missile attacks on Japan.


Not much is known about Mononobe before he became a Selecao but it is shown that he knows a great deal about politics, trends, and the military in Japan. Based on his interactions with Saizo Ato, he was deemed worthy enough to become a Selecao and was given a Noblesse phone and the alias of Selecao Number I. With his task of saving Japan, he noted that the country was on the wrong track due to a massive economic boom after World War II that caused the country and its citizens to become complacent with the status quo as opposed to doing anything else. Mononobe also used the resources at his disposal to figure out that Saizo Ato was the illusive Mr. Outside and took the steps to become CEO of Ato Institutes. His next goal was to discover the identities of the other Selecao where he met Jintaro Tsuji and Ryo Yuki. He saw how Yuki was bitter about the classicism in Japan and convinced him to do something about it. Even though Yuki launced the missile attack known as Careless Monday, it was because of Mononobe that he was urged into it. However, their plans are thwarted by Akira Takizawa, who rounds up the NEETs of Japan to save as many lives as possible before the missiles reign down on Tokyo. It is because of this that no one died that day as Mononobe takes special interest in Akira's actions before and after the intervention.


Daiju Mononobe was created by Kenji Kamiyama to serve as the primary antagonist of the series Eden of the East. His first appearance is a very small cameo in Episode 1: I Found Myself a Prince and makes his debut in Episode 5: Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That. He also serves the role of the antagonist in the tie-in movies King of Eden and Paradise Lost. He is voiced by Atsushi Miyauchi in the Japanese version and John Gremillion in the English version.

Character Evolution

At first, Mononobe appears to be a intellectual of society who has several ideas and philosophies that go into play when it comes to the country. However, this outward appearance masks a much more controlling person as Mononobe is willing to take whatever measures necessarily in order to obtain his goals. On the inside, he is as cruel and cold as any terrorist can be as he uses his resources and powers as a Selecao to his up most advantage. He is not above running down people with a car or eliminating people that put their trust in him, manipulating anyone in his way in order to achieve his ultimate goals. Mononobe goes so far as to influence Yuki twice to attack Japan and is willing to sacrifice the free will of people to better the role of Japan. Nothing can stand in his way of getting what he wants and weeding those unfit to work with him.

Major Story Arcs

Mononobe is seen in a car outside the White House when Akira Takizawa orders a memory wipe to erase his actions of what happened during Careless Monday, smiling as he knows that Akira will not be able to interfere with anything he may plan in the future. He is seen later on at a military outpost as he discovers that Akira is back on the grid and made a bizarre purchase to make the Prime Minister say "uncle" during a meeting of the Diet. He laughs it off, seeing it as pointless as well as cheap since it only cost sixty yen to do that. Mononobe goes back to work, not paying attention to what Akira is up to since he knows of his lapse of memory.

Despite that, Mononobe and Yuki become concerned once more as they plan on trailing Akira to ensure that he does not intefere with their plans any more. Trailing Akira, Mikuru Katsuhara, and Saki Morimi to Yutaka Itazu's apartment, Mononobe theorizes that Akira is looking for answers. He also predicts that Akira took Yusei Kondo's Noblesse phone after he died and is trying to get Itazu to crack into it. During this process, Akira and the girls leave as Itazu discovers a new plan to attack Tokyo. As he leaves, the two spot him as Mononobe makes Yuki run down Itazu. He confirms his suspicions about Yusei's phone as he interrogates Itazu who is barely staying conscious as he chastises the two, citing Akira as the real hero of Japan before he passes out. Yuki wonders if this is still the right decision as Mononobe bullies him into agreeing. Mononobe calls Akira to set up a meeting where he promises to inform him of everything that has happened with him and the Selecao.

The two take a helicopter ride to Ato Institutes where Mononobe explains to Akira (as well as Saki and Mikuru who are listening via a bugged phone) more about the Selecao and how Saizo Ato is Mr. Outside, as well as how his plan to win the game is to assume the role of Outside by becoming the CEO of Ato Institutes. When the two touch down, Akira meets with Yuki as well as Tsuji as Mononobe further explains that Ato built Juiz as a super artificial intelligence program to serve the Selecao. When they reveal of a new missile attack on Japan, Mononobe informs Akira of his history with the NEETs and what had happened during Careless Monday. He allows Akira to leave as Yuki worries about if he can stop them. However, the three find that Juiz is not in the facility as the main servers were moved just before they arrived as a massive purchase goes through from Selecao Number XII, Mononobe realizing that he is the Supporters. As Akira is able to thwart the efforts of Mononobe and Yuki, he leaves Yuki and Tsuji as he has to make a new plan to take over Japan.

Other Media

King of Eden

Six months after the second missile attack, Akira has disappeared as Mononobe has continued to lead Ato Institutes as he has built up a reputation with the former Prime Minister and Diet. He also made contact with Selecao Number VI, Taishi Naomoto, as he is tasked with following Saki when she went to New York to find Akira. Tsuji notes how Mononobe has discarded Yuki, the two of them knowing that he fell off the grid after the attacks since he was the one that ordered them. Mononobe seems to not be worried as he has a plan to take care of everything as he lets things play out for a bit. Soon after, he launches three more missile strikes to the Juiz servers for each individualized Selecao. His method of destroying the servers proves effect as he is able to take out Number XII, Tsuji, and Kuroha Shiratori (only because she sacrificed her server for Akira's). After the attack, he heads to Tokyo to try and settle things with the recently deceased Prime Minister Iinuma as Mononobe has taken credit for stopping the recent missile attack as well as using the paranoia to label the Eden team as terrorists as their servers are hacked by the government.

Paradise Lost

As Akira returns to Japan in a wave of controversy, Mononobe meets with former Prime Minister Eda as he assumed that Mononobe was going to have the situation dealt with. He assures him that everything will go back to the way they should be as he makes plans to delay Tsuji by sending tax collectors after him and steals his Juiz server after he sees Akira closing in on its location as well as sending in a team to find more about Aya Iwashita, Akira's mother. Mononobe also discovers the location of Saizo Ato through a purchase made by Toshiko Kitabyashi for sweets to be delivered to him, attaching a note stating that once everything is done with, he will go after Saizo next. He then heads to the Iinuma mansion where he plans on sitting down with Akira to make sure he has no more interference. Even though Akira claims he would have worked together with Mononobe, he states that he was in it to win for himself.

The Selecao get a phone call
The Selecao get a phone call

Mononobe states that when Saizo asked him what he'd do with ten billion yen, that he would focus on strengthening the country through any means necessary as his plan all along was to cause a panic in Japan. Thanks to the actions of Yuki and Akira, wide spread fear culminated that allowed him to gain more and more power in the country. As Akira is told the truth about his mother as Mononobe listens in, giving Akira an ultimatum: he will match the money Akira has left as a Selecao in cash in exchange for Akira walking away safely and the Eden group will be let go from their terrorist charges. Akira agrees on the condition that Mononobe tells him his plans. Mononobe explains that the people of Japan are never satisfied and are quick to complain so he plans on taking power and taking away freedom of the citizens bit by bit. Akira points out that the plan lacks compassion as Mononobe sees he is refusing his offer as he leaves.

After witnessing the broadcast made by Akira, the two Selecao receive a phone call from Saizo who announces that they are all winners and sends a signal that erases their memories. As a result, Mononobe leaves without saying a word to anyone and gets in his car. On the way out though, he runs into Yuki who is looking for Akira. Due to the memory wipe, Mononobe doesn't know who Yuki is (Yuki was spared the wipe because he destroyed his own phone). Yuki, becoming infuriated for being used, takes out his gun as Mononobe attempts to run him over. Yuki gets in a few shots before getting hit as Mononobe crashes his car, dying in the process.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
John Gremillion
Atsushi Miyauchi
General Information Edit
Name: Daiju Mononobe
Name: 物部 大樹
Romanji: Mononobe Daiju
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #1
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Selecao Number I
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