Dagger of Kamui

Dagger of Kamui is an anime movie in the Dagger of Kamui Franchise
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Jiro, a foundling boy, loses his adoptive parents to an assassin. Avenging their death by murdering a one-armed man, he falls in with the priest Tenkai, who trains him in the black arts of the ninja. Learning that the one-armed man was really his true father, a distraught Kamui searches for his true mother, an Ainu princess. He also goes in search of Captain Kidd's treasure in order to take from Tenkai the only thing that he values. Tenkai wishes to use the treas-ure to overthrow the antiisolationists and close Japan once more to the outside world-the action takes place just before the Meiji Restoration that would throw Japan open once and for all. Jiro's quest takes him all the way to the American West, with time out for a brief meeting with Tom Sawyer-creator Mark Twain, where he is saved by a defecting servant of Tenkai's (who turns out to be his long-lost sister) before returning to exact revenge for all his family.

This Kamui is no relation to Sanpei Shirato's Manual of Ninja Martial Arts; it was based on a series of novels by Legend of the Paper Spaceship-author Tetsu Yano, who was also Robert Heinlein's Japanese translator. Though not one of his best works, Dagger of Kamui contains much of the clash of old and new that distinguishes his writings-the idea of foreign assistance in sending Japan back into the past would be reused by animator Kawajiri in Ninja Scroll. Blade of Kamui, an earlier U.S. dub of the movie, rewrites the plot completely, claiming that it is set on an alien world, where Kamui's dagger is a "powerful weapon [that] controls the future of the universe." NV

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Reiko Kurihara Key Animator Key Animator who worked on such films as Wicked City, Dagger of Kamui, and other films.
Nobumasa Arakawa Key Animator Key Animator for various anime films, including Summer Wars
Kyoko Matsubara Key Animator Key Animator on Akira, Dagger of Kamui, and other films and series.
Kitaro Kousaka Key Animator Key Animator and storyboard artist on several major series and films, including Dagger of Kamui, Grave of the Fireflies, Howl's Moving Castle, Akira and Master Keaton
Satoru Utsunomiya Key Animator
Shigetaka Kiyoyama Key Animator
Shinji Otsuka Key Animator
Shinsuke Terasawa Key Animator
Shojuro Yamauchi Key Animator
Shunji Saida Key Animator
Takashi Nakamura Key Animator
Yasuomi Umetsu Key Animator Animation Director.
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Key Animator Director.
Rintaro Director
Moriyoshi Murano Character Artist/Designer
Atsuko Fukushima Key Animator
Kengo Inagaki Key Animator
Koji Morimoto Key Animator Koji Morimoto was born December 26, 1959 in Japan, and is one of that nation's premier anime directors.
Makoto Ito Key Animator
Manabu Oohashi Key Animator Key Animator on various films and OVAs, including Bobby's Girl and Metropolis
Osamu Nabeshima Key Animator Director of the Hamtaro and and D.Gray.man anime series
Hiroyuki Horiuchi Inbetweener
Kunihiko Sakurai Inbetweener
Naoko Kusumi Associate Director Assistant Director for Barefoot Gen 2, Dagger of Kamui, and other films.
Susumu Ishizaki Associate Director
Hiroyuki Ebata Associate Director
Katsumi Itahashi Mech Designer
Ryudo Uzaki Music
Kazuo Oga Artist
Tadao Kubota Artist
Eitetsu Hayashi Music
Takuo Noda Animation Director
Masao Maruyama Producer Founder of Studio Madhouse.
Haruki Kadokawa Executive Producer Son of the founder of Kadokawa Shoten, and founded his own company in 1976. Imprisoned for possession of narcotics in 1993 and resigned.

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General Information Edit
Name: Dagger of Kamui
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1985
Name: カムイの剣
Romaji: Kamui no Ken
Release Date: March 9, 1985
Rating: None
Runtime: 132 (mins)
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Aliases Blade of Kamui
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