Cycling Club "Soleil"

Cycling Club "Soleil" is an anime episode of The Tatami Galaxy that was released on 05/06/2010

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Plot Summary

The episode opens with a third-year college student simply known as Watashi, riding his expensive bicycle. He spent two years saving up to buy this bicycle, but has has it stolen by the infamous Cheery Cycle Clean Up Corps. The Cheery Cycle Clean Up Corps, started as a group of volunteers that tried to keep the campus safe from potential bicylce threats, but have recently gone off campus and are taking bicycle from all over Kyoto. These bicycles are then sold to foreign buyer in the north.

Watashi is then shown at his freshman year, where he is choosing which circle to join. He chooses the Cycling Club to achieve his dream of a "rose coloured campus life," and to meet his "raven haired maiden." He quickly realizes that this is an unrealistic dream, and that the Cylcing Club is no more than a club for hardcore cycling nuts. At the club he meets a fish-like man named Ozu. Watashi claims that this is his first and worst contact with the man Ozu.

Watashi trying to finish the race
Watashi trying to finish the race

After a few months in the Cycling Club, he realizes that he is not meant for hardcore cylcing. Watashi blames this on his physical strength, and decides to save up to buy a light-weight bicycle. Watashi then saves up for two years to buy his aerodynamic bicycle to be on par with the rest of the club. After two years of saving, he buys his new bicycle, and feels like ecstatic. Unfortunately for Watashi, his new bicycle is taken by the Cheery Cycle Clean Up Corps, and is forced to use his old basket-bike for the big race. Unable to keep up with the rest of his club, Watashi is left in last place.

After finishing the race hours after the rest of his club, he meets and old fortune teller. The old woman tells Watashi that "opportunity is always dangling in front of his eyes." Watashi then drinks alone by the river, until he meets Akashi, a fantastic female cyclist one year under him. Akashi brings him to her Birdman Circle, and states that he has the perfect body to pilot her birdman. Watashi sees one of Akashi's Mochiguman that he promised to return to her, and then becomes worried that he does not have the phsyical strength to complete the contest, and seeks out to Jougasaki for help.

After an intense training period with Jougasaki, Watashi is now phsyical capable of anything, but Akashi's designs are for someone of a slimmer build. Watashi is then kicked out of her circle and can no longer pilot her birdman. While sitting on the b

Watashi confronting the leader
Watashi confronting the leader

ridge alone he sees the Cheery Cycle Clean Up Corps, and they are confiscating Akashi's bridman. Watashi confronts them, and discovers that Ozu is behind the whole thing, and needs to take more than bicycles to make a profit. During the confrontation, Akashi finds them, which makes Ozu flee, leaving the blame on Watashi, and pulling the brakes on the track. As Watashi and Akashi quickly descend the tracks, Watashi tries to pilot Akashi's birdman, to try and save it from being destroyed. The birdman lacked pedals, which brings Watashi to the realization that all of his muscle training was for not. As he is about to crash he wonders how his life would have been different if he joined a different circle, therefore causing time to rewind.

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