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A fictional being that is part organic and part machine.


Cyborgs have become a well-known part of science fiction literature and other media. and are used widely in many manga series, notably Cyborg 009, where most of the characters in the show are cyborgs.
Not to be confused with android; the androids are robots that looks human beings, but cyborgs are human being or any other biological beings with artificial parts.

Ethics and Morals

Just like manufacturing clones, cyborgs also have issues with society. Cyborgs are like the futuristic versions of Frankenstein. Most human cyborgs are created when the person is dead (or killed in some cases). Often the former human will feel angry or despair when their bodies are use or violated without permission from their loved ones. Or the desire to live longer.
Like ninjas and clones, cyborgs are use like tools/ weapons in war. For the theme in an anime that incorporates this idea, cyborgs are not human and are treat as dirt or tools.some humans uses  artificial enhancements into Cyborgs  nano technology  they are called Regenerators 
Some cyborgs long to become human because their attachments and body are like prosthetics, fake.
Examples: Cyborg (Teen Titans) ,Alexander Anderson (Hellsing),Heinkel Wolfe (Hellsing)


List franchises in alphabetical order with a brief description and examples.

Cutie Honey

 The evil organization in the series known as Panther Claw were first introduced as women turned into Cyborgs by Panther Zora and Sister Jill.
Examples: Black Claw, Fire Claw, Iron Shadow, Tomahawk Panther, Dragon Claw, Tarantula Claw

Cyborg 009

 The cyborgs fight Black Ghost. Black Ghost is the one who changed all of Joe and his companions' life by turning them into cyborgs.
Examples: Albert Heinrich, Francoise Arnoul, Geronimo Junior, Ivan Whiskey, Jet Link, Joe Shimamura, Pyunma


 Cyborgs are like a species in Digimon where certain species (like Agumon) digivolves into cyborg like digimon. In digimon, there is no ethics or morals involved.
Example: Metalgreymon, Wargreymon, Andromon, BlackWarGreymon, Breakdramon, Cyberdramon, MetalGarurumon, Megadramon, Gigadramon, Machinedramon, MetalSeadramon, Mamemon, MetalMamemon, BigMamemon, Darkdramon

Dragon Ball

 The androids created by Dr. Gero have a single purpose to destroy Goku. After Goku and friends defeat Dr. Gero and Cell, Android 17 and 18 live a free life.
Examples: Android 16, Android 18, Android 17, Dr. Gero, Android 19

Ghost in the Shell

The majority of the characters in this series are cyborgs, either having cyber-brain implants, cybernetic limbs, or even full-body cybernetics.

One Piece

 Cyborgs are rare. The technology in One Piece is strange.
Example: Franky joins Luffy's crew, Bartholomew Kuma

Star Wars

Numerous examples of cyborgs exist in this series, including it's main protagonist and antagonist.
Examples: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, General Grievous

Teen Titans

 Cyborg is an African American man whose body is mostly mechanical. He wishes to have a real body so he can feel things like normal humans.
Example: Cyborg 


Though most species on Third Earth are fairly low-tech, there are machines present in numerous cultures, cybernetics being one of them. After Panthro lost his arms in combat, the Berbils replaced them with cybernetic implants.
Example: Panthro


Many Robeasts were biological/technological hybrids, in Voltron The Third Dimension, Prince Lotor was a full blown cyborg. In the current series Voltron Force Maahox has cybernetic implants.
Examples: Prince Lotor, Maahox


 in Hellsing the Major is a Cyborg while bio enigneered humans with nano technology are also considered Cyborgs Alexander Anderson and Heinkel Wolfe from the Iscariot Organization are called Regenerators.
Examples:The Major,Alexander Anderson,Heinkel Wolfe
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Japanese Name: 人造人間
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