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Cybertron is a anime/manga location
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A Maximal security officer who fought Dinobot during the theft of the golden disc

Acid Storm

A Decepticon member of the Rainmakers, a trio of Seekers, and the only one called by name. He was one of the Decepticons working for Shockwave on Cybertron.


A Decepticon/Predacon member who first appears in the series Transformers Prime. Airachnid is a psychopath who kills for fun and sport, she enjoys wiping out entire species, and torturing her victims before killing them, she keeps the heads of her victims as trophies.

Alpha Trion

One of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus. Alpha Trion is the wisest of the Autobots, who helped lead the enslaved Cybertronians in their rebellion against the Quintessons.

Amalgamous Prime

One of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus. He was the first who had shape-shifting abilities.


A female member of the Autobots.


A Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo manga. Transforms into an Archaeopteryx


A dimwitted Decepticon/Predacon,who has a quick to fight attitude. He's not much of a talker either, and seems to only know how to say one word


A Predacon who took part in Megatron's efforts to steal the Golden Disc. He was killed by his partner Scorponok who detonated the bomb Backslash was planting.


An Autobot who loves peace and nature, transforms into a dune buggy


Once a Predacon Blackarachnia switched sides to the Maximals to help fight against Megatron.


The most blood-thirsty member of the Autobots, thoroughly enjoys gutting Decepticons with his propeller blades. He is a member of the Protectobots and transforms into a helicopter.


Blaster is an Autobot who transforms into a boombox, he loves Earth music, especially Rock & Roll


A triple changer Decepticon.


A talkative member of the Autobots.


A Maximal scientist who is able to turn into a plant.


The combined form of the Decepticon Combaticons (Onslaught, Vortex, Swindle, Brawl, and Blast Off)


A massive member of the Autobots who transforms into a SUV.


From the Transformers franchise, member of the good guy faction Autobots. Can transform from car to robot. Most popularly known as a Volkswagen Beetle.


A member of the Maximals and a scientist


A member of the Predacons who aided Megatron in stealing the Golden Disc. He was killed by Terrorsaur who shot him in the back, likely due to Buzzbomb's loyalties being to Cryotek not Megatron.


A female Autobot and member of Alita 1's team.


A member of the Autobots skilled in using firearms.


A member of the Predacon Pirate Seacons. He is actually the oldest member of the Predacons of his era.


Maximal from Beast Wars Neo. Transforms into a cobra.


The combined form of the Autobot Technobots. Computron is considered the smartest of the Combiners but lacks reaction time in battle.


Crazybolt holds a spot on Cybertron's 10 most wanted list, this Predacon is not that interested in the war between Maximal and Predacon, but his skills as a thief have put him in high regards to Magmatron, and made him a high ranking Predacon.


The Predacon mastermind behind the Golden Disc's theft, though he in fact had different motives. He is also Megatron 2's adoptive father

Dai Atlas

A powerful Autobot leader from Transformers Zone


Although not very bright Demolishor is very loyal to Megatron, though he defected to the Autobots for a period of time.


Dion is a member of the Autobots


An aqautic bio-mechanical monster from Cybertron. Dweller is the creation of the Quintessons.


An Autobot and one of Blaster's mini-cassettes

Elita One

A long time friend of Optimus Prime who commands a team of Female Autobots stationed on Cybertron.


A member of Elita Ones team.


After Megatron was badly injured and thrown out into space by Starscream. He encountered Unicron who gave him more power and was reborn as Galvatron.


A member of the Autobots, he is one of the largest Autobots whose alt mode is a base.

Great Convoy

Member of the Convoy Council on Cybertron in Beast Wars Neo


Grimlock is a Autobot and leader of the Dinobots. Despite not being bright and very cold he is a great leader to the rest of the Dinobots.

Guardian Prime

The third to hold the Matrix of Leadership on Cybertron, and fourth to hold it overall, he inherited the Matrix from Nova Prime and passed it on to Zeta Prime. Guardian Prime is not capable of transforming.


Hauler is a Constructicon, and one of the only Constructicons that was not reprogrammed into a Decepticon. This has led him to join the ranks of the Autobots.

High Beam

Built on Earth by humans, High Beam joined the Autobots, he later moved to Cybertron and eventually joined the Maximals. He was last seen being shot, and possibly killed by Dinobot

Hot Shot

A young Autobot working with Optimus Prime.


An autobot scout who wishes he were human


The Mini-Con Partner to Blurr in Transformers Armada.


A member of the Autobots. Defects to the Decepticons very briefly in the Energon series

Insecticon Drone

Another class of Decepticon Soldiers capable of transforming into Beetles. The Insecticon Drones are massive animalistic soldiers.


Ironhide is one of the major Autobots from Transformers


Jazz is a member of the Autobots who has some style. As his name indicates this Autobot soldier enjoys music.


Once a Decepeticon but switch sides to the Autobots due to personal reasons.

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