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Cyberformula GPX is an anime series
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In the year 2016, 14-year-old Hayato Kazami enters the Cyberformula Grand Prix, in which superpowered, super-advanced cars race to determine the best team in the world. He drives a computerized car designed by his father, in a high-concept that takes the "dad's robot" formula of other Sunrise shows and puts it on wheels.

After qualifying in local championships in Fujioka and Niseko, Hayato and his teammates get to travel the world. Mixing local color (e.g. Grand Canyon, Peru) with an off-track romance developing in exotic locations (Peru, Brazil), the show also incorporates sporting rivalry and derring-do. By the time the world tour reaches Canada and England, Hayato's rivals are well-established characters in their own right, such as the cold British racer Knight Schumacher and the Aryan tactician Karl Richter von Randall. After a race in Kenya, the crew heads into the home stretch for a lightning-fast series of races in Spain, Germany, and Japan-in succession rapid enough to imply that the TV series was canceled early.

As with the soccer antics of Captain Tsubasa, the sporting angle allows for regular resets of the characters' positions. The following year, Hayato reenters the championships to retain his crown in the six-part video series CF 11 (Double One), driving a car designed by the beautiful blonde foreigner Claire Fortran. As romance develops between Hayato and Asuka Sugo, the daughter of his team's rich backer, he beats Schumacher and races to a "double-win" in his "double one" car in the "11th" annual championship in a highly improbable set of numerological coincidences.

The situation changes for Hayato's third championship in the eight-part CF Zero (1994), when an accident loses him a race and fiancée Asuka, who walks out on the injured driver. Though she eventually returns, Hayato must best Japanese rival Shinjo both on and off the track. This was soon followed by the eight-part CF Saga (1996), in which Alzard, an android driver, defeats both Shinjo and Hayato's best friend, the green-haired Bleed Kaga. While Asuka frantically searches behind the scenes for Alzard's weak spot, rival teams set traps off the race track to keep Hayato from even trying. Needless to say, he wins in the end, and a 19-year-old Hayato, who has grown up along with his target audience, gets behind the wheel once more for eight more episodes in CF Sin (1998), though this most recent outing focused more on his teammate Bleed.

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Name Cyberformula GPX
Romaji: Shin Seiki [New Century] GPX Cyber Formula Future Grand Prix
Publisher ?
Start Year 1991
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